By Naomi Simson

Thriving workplaces create thriving businesses

There is plenty of evidence to show that when people thrive – so do businesses. The customer loyalty mirror shows that those businesses with highly engaged teams will also have higher rates of customer loyalty. I know this myself first hand.

Simply put, as I look around RedBalloon I know I cannot grow and scale my business without the discretionary effort of each and every person. When each team member thrives, when I have a thriving culture then my business is also thriving…

I’ve put together a Thriving Workplace A to Z guide to help you on the path.

AUTHENTICITY – Be authentic when giving praise people know when you’re faking it
BEHAVIOURSRewarding for best behaviours encourages others to repeat them
COMMUNICATE – The best cultures have a program of communication – consistent, thoughtful and informative (and sometimes fun)
DELIVERABLES – Make KPI’s achievable and aligned to your organisation’s purpose
EXPERIENCES – Shared experiences as a team, or as a thank you gift gets people talking about you and your brand as an employer
FUN – A little bit of fun during the working day delivers you higher productivity
GROW – In order for your business to grow you must invest in your people – education and learning
HAPPINESS – When people are themselves at work, and are safe, know what they are there to do, and feel proud of where they work – then they are likely to be more creative and take more initiative
INCLUSIVITY – One for all and all for one – an inclusive workplace with diversity and different viewpoints helps represent your customer base better.
JOY – Celebrate milestones and bring gratitude into the workplace
KNOWLEDGE – Seek feedback your employee framework – do analyse do – and then do more of it… insights and knowledge are power.
LITTLE – Notice the little things that your people do with on the spot recognition
MANAGERS – Managers nurture individuals for the good of the business – they are coaches, mostly and challenge people to be the best version of themselves
NIMBLE – Every dollar counts so keep investing ideas and energy into your culture to keep it alive
OBJECTIVES – A clear set of objectives will help you to define your culture – what does success look like a year from now… do you use a scorecard?
PURPOSE – Cultivate a shared sense of greater purpose around your business goals to drive effort
QUICK – the quicker you are to recognise behaviours, values or accomplishments the greater impact it will have on your culture.
RECOGNISERecognise people frequently and consistently – peer to peer is powerful, reporting ensures that everyone is with you on the journey.
STRUCTURE – Create a timeline and rhythm to your thrive program. Share the structure and make sure you stick with it
THEMES – whether you them monthly, quarterly or yearly, what is the one critical success factor for you business this year – then create a theme around it.
UNDERSTAND – Deepen relationships by understanding who your people are and what they love – learn to ask great questions.
VARIETY – No culture is set and forget it needs to be nurtured… keep things fresh.
WISHLIST – Encourage your people to create a wishlist of what a great culture looks like to them
X-TREME – Get people pushing their boundaries celebrate amazing results.
YARN – A thriving business has a folklore that is it will get your people telling ‘yarns’ about your company.
ZOOM – Keep an eye on the detail, look at key metrics like absenteeism, retention and engagement scores to help you check in on if everyone wants to be a part of your thriving culture.

It takes consistent love and attention – but ultimately leadership to create a thriving workplace…

If you want a shortlist of two things, consider:

VITALITY – is the positive feeling of having energy available, feelings of aliveness.
GROWTH – is the sense that one is acquiring and can apply knowledge and skills.

When you deliver both to your employees you will also have a thriving customer base.

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