By RedBalloon for Business

Putting brands in front of their customers

Marketers have long since spoken about ‘customer intimacy’ and the ‘job we are being hired to do’. This speaks of the sort of relationship that we want to have with our customers.

Marketers want to have their product or brand top of mind and build a level of emotional connection to between customers and their brand. That’s so that when in need, the customer turns to them.

The phone has long been a battle ground for real estate. Many brands have asked customers to download an app as a way of staying connected. Customers however can quickly tire of push notifications – and research shows that if the app is not used within the first 24 hours – it is unlikely to be. And worse, it’s likely to be deleted.

Much time, energy and budget is spent by marketers getting their brands onto the phone. There are not that many options to keep the brand logo in front of customers eyes.

At RedBalloon for Business we have been working with our tech partners to launch a range of digital gift cards that were created based on the most used messages.

Now we can co-brand these cards and have them delivered to the Apple wallet on the iPhone.

You can design your card for a campaign, or simply have your brand appear on the e-gift card. And then the co-branded card will sit in the wallet until it is used. This helps reinforce a number of brand trigger points.

    • Experiences are more valuable than ever
    • Buy local and support Australia
    • Build ongoing trust and remain top of mind
    • Create emotional connection to your brand

If you would like to know more about how we can help you get access to the most important customer real estate the iPhone, then please contact us now.

Business e-gift cards co-branded

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