The experience of work framework

At RedBalloon we know that every business is unique, they are ‘living’ beings. Each has its own set of circumstances. With so much to consider we have found that using the BRG six-point framework has helped our clients work through what is right for them. Business is a people game - and shared experiences builds culture and connection.

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The ‘future of work’ happened

On 11 March 2020 when the World Health Organization announced a pandemic – the way business and our community operates changed. Not just in Australia and New Zealand, but everywhere.

At RedBalloon (as part of The Big Red Group) we have for many years been known for our thought leadership when it comes to creating an inclusive and connected corporate culture. The world is different now, and the one question that many leaders and managers are asking is – what will the ‘new’ workplace culture look like?

Now that we understand that we have an opportunity to redesign and reimagine how we work – we began to question some of the old constructs. There are many social and community issues to consider. What we do know is that ‘culture’ will not happen by accident. Leaders will need to be more intentional than ever.

‘Home’ has taken on a new definition for most Australians and New Zealanders. Brands, professionals and leaders have become more human.

Customer and employee sentiment have been shifting daily depending on the news cycle, and companies work relentlessly to find new ways to connect and build the story and emotional connection to their brands.

We wanted to pull together much of the research to assist business owners, managers and leaders in navigating the sorts of questions they may need to be asking.

We’ve reviewed insights from a variety of institutions, interviewed people about what they are seeing and called on the expertise of leading public figures, such as Bernard Salt and Rod Leaver who have ideas about the ‘New Experience of Work’.

The BRG six point experience of work framework

As part of the research for the Experience of work white paper it was established that there are six key areas for leaders, people managers and business owners to consider as they approach the notion of hybrid working environments. How people experience work, develop, learn and create culture will take intentional leadership. This framework is a guide for leaders.

1. Leadership

The New Normal

2. Development

Looking out for your team members, millennials and inclusion

3. Collaboration

The Employee Experience

4. Culture

From purpose to Community

5. Innovation

Technology insights and ways of working

6. Connection

Workspaces and building team

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Culture, collaboration and connection

This white paper sets out a framework of connecting people based on our research, it shares some of the concerns and particularly addresses building a culture of collaboration. There is not a one size fits all outcome to our research. Each leader will need to be intentional to design a culture that works for their business. We also share how experiences are used to build trust and brand connection. Our purpose remains to shift the way people experience life and that includes how businesses now connect with customers and team members.

Make every moment count.


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