By RedBalloon for Business

The power of team recognition

Do you want to be the team in the business that every employee wants to join and every leader wished they led?

Creating a ‘hot’ high performing team is easier than you think if you focus on encouraging and recognising the right behaviours. Employee recognition is the perfect place to start.

Using RedBalloon for Business strategies like the REDii super simple recognition software, you can set-up a program for your team that recognises them for the four key pillars that make ‘hot’ teams stand out from the rest. Trust, empathy, synergistic ideation and collaboration.

Here’s how you bring it to life with four fun employee awards:

“I’ve got your back”

Trust is everything in a team. Allow your team members to recognise each other for times when they’ve jumped in to support or cover each other for the benefit of the whole

“You’re Grate”

Build empathy within your team by encouraging peers to recognise each other personally for their successes or solving problems using their unique set of strengths.


“Winning Idea”

You can nominate individuals or multiple colleagues for great innovative ideas that will kick your team performance into overdrive.

“We’ve got chemistry”

For seamless work, perfect execution, zero errors and kudos from the rest of the business. Award your team for great demonstrations of collaboration.

RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform gives you the option of having a recognition only program or a recognition and reward one. If rewards are on your radar, you can allocate points to each award and the user can go and spend them happily at the REDii shop.

Remember that with RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform, creativity has no limits! You can create and adapt any award to any positive behaviour, what gets recognised gets repeated. So if you want more of the same, or your want your team to shine in no time, start now having fun with the fantastic awards you can create. The results are going to be amazing.

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