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The best team building strategies for your business

To have a solid team, you need solid team building strategies. Whether it is on a sporting field, in your office or at a pub trivia night, we all know a dream team when we see one. They share certain unmistakable qualities that have the power to make magic happen and success seem so attainable.

  • The team members get “it”. They understand what you’re all trying to achieve and they’ll do whatever they can to achieve it.
  • They get each other. They’re aware of and maximise each other’s strengths and are honest about their weakness so they can work together to fill in the gaps.
  • They’re resilient. They pivot or innovate when things aren’t going to plan and treat challenges as hurdles to jump over, not obstacles that stop progress.
  • They give it all they’ve got. They know success — whether it’s a championship trophy or reaching a sales target — is earned. They want to be there, and feel a sense of personal pride when they contribute.

What are good team building strategies

  1. Regular time together
    The first and most obvious strategy is to make sure the team is spending time together. That can include weekly meetings, coffee breaks, or anything that involves getting the team together for regular chats.
  2. Not everything should be about work
    For people to bond, they need to have the opportunity to know each other and talk about more than just the business task at hand. Make sure the team has time and space held to just chat and banter about things. If it’s all work and no play then the people in your team can’t form real connections to each other.
  3. Gamify work
    A good team building strategy is to bring a healthy dose of competitive energy into the mix. Whether it’s competing for recognition points, first to get to a certain number of sales, or a non-work related competition like who can get the highest step count in a month, a bit of healthy competition is great for bonding together a team.
  4. Open door policy
    To make a team feel like they are supported, make sure that the manager is always accessible. To build a really strong team, the manager should feel like part of that team, in the ranks with everyone else. So make sure there is not a separation and element of intimidation between team members and managers.
  5. Shared experiences
    To really bring a people together there is no team building strategy as effective as an experienced organised for the team to enjoy together. You could be on a cruise, minigolfing, learning to cook, trying pottery or any range of experiences you can organise through RedBalloon for Business, and the impact it has on building comradery in a team is extraordinary

How to apply team building strategies

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your team was that team? Wouldn’t it be great if your people were totally engaged and committed?

Chances are your team has smatterings of “dream team” qualities, but you’re struggling to make the magic happen because some people “get it”, and some people don’t, and some people will work cohesively while others won’t. Some people give all they’ve got for your team, but only until a better offer comes along and then they leave with you a big hole to fill.

Start small and trust that creating space for time together both in and out of work-related contexts will eventually bring your team together. The more effort you put into making that happen, the sooner your team will be working together at 100% efficiency and actually enjoying it too.

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