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A RedBalloon voucher can go a long way to bringing Covid-tired families back together these holidays

School holidays sure look different this year. For one thing, holidays have become even more precious.

A good break has long been considered the shining reward at the end of hard graft, for kids and adults alike. But in a Covid year, when school and work have both been so disrupted, the thought of a holiday stands out even more as a symbol of escape. Never has ‘getting away’ been so desirable… the irony being, of course, that for many of us we can’t get very far at all. So what to do?

School’s out – time to think outside the lunchbox

Happily, even if we can’t take the overseas or interstate trips we once did, there are still plenty of fun things we can do with our kids these school holidays. There’s no reason why people can’t treat their families to some really great experiences. (Just a reminder – we have over five thousand of them!) Sure, thinking of what to do in the school holidays has always been a parents’ challenge – but now we just need to think outside the box! And that’s where RedBalloon can help.

Little rewards, big gratitude

The time is right for employers to say a quiet “thanks” to their staff who’ve been doing the hard yards, both at work and at home.

When you give people something that involves their nearest and dearest, you’re directly engaging with what matters to them and saying that you care. You’re showing you ‘get it’ that family is the most important thing; and also, that people and their families might have been doing it a bit tough this year.

It doesn’t matter whether someone’s a senior manager or a factory worker – just about everyone’s been stuck at home at some stage, or has had to lift an emotional load they weren’t expecting. Like home-schooling. Or working remotely. Dealing with the stresses of Covid. Keeping tabs on distant friends and loved ones. Trying to make sure their own little family units were as happy and calm as possible. There’ve been an awful lot of ‘Are you OK?’ moments. Perhaps too many.

It’s thoughtful for employers to deliver a gift that people can share with their individual families. Because in a time of mass separation, being brought together can be very powerful. And positive.

Discover what you can do – not what you can’t

RedBalloon vouchers offer families some fantastic ways to have fun and bond these holidays. So instead of thinking of the big stuff we’re missing, why not embrace the small, the local, the quirky and different? In each State and Territory there are some great experiences on offer. As a plus, every voucher you buy goes toward helping small businesses get back on their feet.

We’ve hand-picked some popular experiences (see below) that are totally geared for families to reconnect and have a great time together. But there are literally thousands more so make sure you check them out.

From banquets to bowling, escape rooms to eco tours; if you choose to look at what you can do instead of focus on what you can’t, you’ll soon find there’s a plethora of great options.

So these school holidays, why not turn your mind to those employees who really deserve a bit of a pat on the back. Then give them the gift of time with their families. Because when it comes right down to it – isn’t that the most important thing of all?

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Ready to give out some holiday cheer? Here are a few good thought-starters:


Sydney Attractions Multi Entry Combo Pass

Come face to face with sharks and giant rays at Sydney Aquarium; journey around Australia on an all-Aussie animal adventure at WILD LIFE Sydney; experience the glittering world of fame at Madame Tussauds Sydney or enjoy panoramic 360 degree views at the Sydney Tower Eye.

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Guided Kayak in Freycinet National Park

Imagine gliding on crystal clear water in a sea kayak through a landscape of pink granite mountains, sandy white beaches and blue waters so clear you feel you can touch the marine life below. Make this a reality on this Freycinet kayak experience as you explore the spectacular coastline around Coles Bay.

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Lancelin Dune Buggy Scenic Tour

Explore the expansive Lancelin sand dunes by buggy! As you navigate your way over this sandy playground that reaches three storeys high, you will be spoilt with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and beyond. Your guide will take a photo of you and your crew with the sandy hills as your backdrop.

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Unlimited Sandboarding at Port Stephens

Uncover all the thrills and spills of sandboarding as you slide down the spectacular Stockton sand dunes in Port Stephens. Reaching up to 50 metres high, you'll have endless fun on this sandy playground. You've got the board for the entire day, so have as much fun as you can handle.

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