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A RedBalloon voucher proves the perfect antidote to a testing 2020

As 2020 draws to a close we all have much to reflect upon. Here at RedBalloon, we are determined to end this year on a positive note.

We are not sure that businesses will be able to get teams together for the tradition end of year office party. But we have a great idea to make sure that people still celebrate the end of 2020.

We have found that for nearly twenty years businesses choose to give RedBalloon vouchers to their team members. And this year, many employers are discovering that instead of an end of year party they are putting budget towards a different sort of celebration. There may well be entertainment, travel, office supplies, party budgets that have not been used. Now is the time to put that budget to work, to connect with customers and employees.

What we didn’t spend money on can benefit us now

With more people working from home, businesses have made significant savings in terms of discretionary spend. Think about it: conferences haven’t happened. Travel, well, stopped. Just about all the things companies traditionally spent their available funds on suddenly were not a consideration: Flowers. Stationery. Catering. After-work drinks. Even tea and coffee.

Some businesses have saved on expenses over the past few months.

If you find that your business has some left over budget – by putting it toward RedBalloon vouchers – you will connect with your customers and employees, show them that you care and also be supporting local businesses.

Forging meaningful connections through generosity of spirit

Everyone agrees it’s been a year we’d rather forget – but let’s still make sure that there was some ‘fun’ elements worth remembering.

People really want to reach out to one another, to acknowledge just how tough it’s been. Companies wish to connect with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. But how? It’s difficult to plan any end-of-year celebrations or gatherings, because across the nation things are still in a state of flux. And let’s face it – no one wants another video call drinks catch-up.

What people do want, however, is to have enjoyable experiences. They want to feel good about themselves… to do nice things…most of all, to have something to look forward to.

That’s where RedBalloon comes in.

Put ‘expenses’ toward experiences – and help small business at the same time.

It’s not just recipients who benefit from getting a voucher. We’ve found that each dollar spent with RedBalloon, manifests tenfold. People literally end up spending ten times what the voucher is worth, with the ancillary expenditure they naturally undertake around their particular activity. The person going hot air ballooning, for example, ends up buying coffee, meals or accommodation.

That’s good for small business, and good for the economy. (As a matter of fact, we delivered 600,000 customers to small Australian businesses in 2019 which delivered incredible economic value.) As a proudly Australian owned business – everything stays in the Australian economy.

We know that RedBalloon acts as a conduit between big and small businesses. In our experience, big companies actively want to help smaller ones but often don’t know how. With RedBalloon, we know what is open, what is good, and what is new.

It’s incredibly rewarding to have watched how our business customers have created growth for our suppliers’ businesses over the years. As an example, our V8 race partner has been with us for 16 years and started off operating three cars on two tracks; now, they run in every State and they have a new mustang fleet too. We have grown together.

Christmas with RedBalloon

Giving the feel-good factor feels pretty good

The looks on peoples’ faces when they get a RedBalloon voucher from their employer, is priceless. And customers truly know you care when you surprise and delight them with an experience.

They feel valued, and special. They feel like they’ve been given a treat; something they wouldn’t necessarily do, or buy, for themselves.

So, go on – show your staff some RedBalloon love this holiday season. You can choose to give a specific amount (so people can create their own experiences) or have some fun thinking of the perfect reward for individual people you work with. The thousand-miles-an-hour guy? Maybe he could do with a few hot laps around a raceway! The office gourmand will surely appreciate a pasta-making kit. The arty one? Painting classes! The family man who worked overtime all those weekends… how about a glamping getaway for he and his wife? Let us help you select ‘that perfect experience’

Get creative – there really is a gift to suit everyone. And when combined with a personalised message, it’s simply a fantastic way to say “Thanks for being there this year”.

So make this summer one that stands out, for all the right reasons.


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