Rewards and Recognition

Commercial success is driven by engaged staff.

Power your people with ‘Thanks’

As people leaders, we know this is nothing new. But let us help you champion the cause and show others in your business the value of rewards and recognition when it comes to the bottom line.

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Why RedBalloon Rewards & Recognition?

Did you know, a mere 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth the following year (Aon). There are many reward and recognition solutions in market that can deliver improvements to your culture, engagement and loyalty levels, so what makes RedBalloon different?

We believe in the power of experiences – we always have and we always will

Thanks to almost 20 years’ sourcing and delivering the best experiences in Australia and New Zealand, we know that when used in the workplace, experiences offer something truly unique.

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Experiences connect us

Experiences build emotional connection between your business and its employees, clients, partners and customers. And it is this connection that creates engagement and engenders trust and loyalty. Experiences drive engagement, create talkability and build connection in a way that ‘things’ and cash alone cannot.

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People are priority

Be it the high cost of turnover, attraction or retention; lagging engagement levels; difficulty assigning ROI to HR initiatives; or challenges in getting your people aligned to your company values and vision - we can help.

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Engage your greatest assets

From simple rewards and recognition solutions to more formal programs and platforms, we have a suite of products that can help supercharge your employee engagement initiatives.

Our products

Experiences are what we do. Be it ad hoc gifting, celebrating specific occasions, or as part of a formal workplace program, we are the experts in unlocking the power of experiences at work.

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I would 100% recommend RedBalloon to other businesses as their gift vouchers are an easy way to recognise employees within our organisation. The huge range of experience options our employees have to choose from gives them the freedom to find something specific to their own interests. We get so much enjoyment in giving them to our employees, as they do in receiving them.

Rachael Howard, Executive Assistant

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