By RedBalloon for Business

It is often said, ‘look at the past if you want to predict the future’. However as we navigate new ways of operating this might not be the case as businesses look to streamline processes.

In the last six weeks our RedBalloon for Business team has been reaching out to customers and prospects, listening and learning about what they are seeing and hearing. Most importantly we are wanting to understand what our clients believe the recovery may look like. Every business we spoke to has been affected in some way – growth, stand still and stand down – there is not a one size fits all approach to any sector. 

Business leaders are critically aware that what they spend money on needs to be materially important – not just for their own business success but for other Australian businesses too.  Most are looking to have the greatest possible impact for their brand and the community.

Opulence is out, Grassroots is in. 

Ease of doing business will be paramount to recovery. Technology and systems will be used to streamline many parts of business to help them scale. Businesses are beginning to act more like consumers when it comes to procurement too – happy to buy online with company credit cards within the budgets set.  

We also asked many of the people we spoke to – who have been customers of RedBalloon for many years  how we could best serve them currently (knowing the critical role we play being the conduit from business spending to small activity suppliers)We asked why they choose RedBalloon and the answers surprised us a little: 

  • “As a marketplace you will know what is open and if they are complying with social distancing” 
  • “If we cannot do that activity, we can swap it to anything else” 
  • “We need to know what we can do within our state restrictions” 
  • “We believe that if they are listed with RedBalloon if is a ‘certification’ that it will be good” 
  • “You know what is great – you are the experiences experts and I trust my brand with you 
  • “My people truly love RedBalloon – and right now it is a little luxury when I have them all working from home” 

Our job at RedBalloon for Business is to provide an easy to use portal which gives them access to the ‘Reboot Australia’ program – quickly and easily. As such we have created a business microsite for RedBalloon e-gift cards.    

We deliver thousands of experience vouchers and gift cards to businesses every year, and our analytics team had a bit of fun to find out which are the most popular messages of 2019. Many of the messages were company specific (such as values, or purpose messages) and we have designed a range of selfserve e-gift cards with business type messages on them. 

If you are looking for a streamlined approach to recognising your team, prizes, length of service or simply to say thank you. This range of pre messaged e-gift cards might be perfect. 

You’re recognised
Noticing and recognising a team member makes the world of difference to the entire team.  

You’re a winner
Everyone wants to feel like a winner, and everyone is a winner with this e-gift card. 

You’re a star
For those that stand out, make a difference and are a star this is the perfect choice.

Time to indulge
 With hundreds of indulgent experiences to choose from this is perfect to put a little decadence in someone’s day. With activities to do locally, at home or across Australia they get to choose. 

Thank you
Saying thanks is one of the kindest things you can do. You will feel great and so will they.  

Take a break
Taking time to do something special whether for an hour or a few days – this is the perfect gift to give someone a little down time.  

From work to play
Building a great work culture comes from the stories people tell about their workplace. Play time is important too.  

Big congrats
Celebrate that achievement with this wonderful e-gift card. Perfect to show that you care. Say congratulations in style. 

Best of luck
 As people head off on new journeys it is important to wish them well and give them something to truly remember.  

Welcome cheers
The best way to make someone truly welcome is to show that you care – and give them something to tell their family and friends about.  

We can also arrange to have our clients logo on our gift vouchers and gift cards too. 

We look forward to making business life easier for you too.  

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