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We’re passionate about using the power of experiences to help bring out the best in your leaders.

Great leadership builds great teams

...and great teams build great businesses. You already have good people, let us help you unlock the greatness in them. We can show you how to harness the power of your leaders, bring out the best in your teams and elevate your top performers via a tailored leadership training experience.

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Why RedBalloon Leadership Training?

We’re passionate about using the power of experiences to help bring out the best in your leaders. Stepping back from theory, books, conferences and other more “traditional” leadership training techniques, we put your teams in real-world scenarios to help hone their leadership skills and decision-making abilities. They will experience the pressure, the fear, the need for teamwork as they role play and problem solve collaboratively.

The first step to great leadership is always hiring people who align to your company values - but the journey should not stop there. Leaders must learn to invest in themselves as much as they invest in the people around them. Sometimes that means taking time out and away from the office to reflect and plan and make critical decisions. And sometimes it means bringing in help to facilitate programs and activities that inspire leadership learning.

Bringing the theory to life

Move beyond just the classroom and bring your leadership training to life with our range of thousands of experiences.

Fine-tune critical decision-making

Flight Simulator Experience
The ultimate in multi-tasking and critical decision making under pressure. You’ll be faced with a range of scenarios with related outcomes - not unlike what you face as a leader in the business world. Learn to navigate the skies as you pilot one of a range of aircraft - from jet fighters to Boeing 737s - and land your passengers safely on the ground.

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Enhance team-work & collaboration

Escape Room
An exhilarating real-life interactive escape room experience currently taking the world by storm. With four differently themed rooms, each with an exciting and different crime to solve, your team will be collaborating in no time to escape before time runs out. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the rest of your team in a very short time - and have fun at the same time.

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Create opportunities for bonding & camaraderie

Shark Diving
Experience the adrenaline rush of coming face-to-face with a shark, one of the most feared creatures of the deep. Conquering a fear is a surefire way to create a bond and camaraderie with those around you, so this is a great option for those corporates who aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

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Let us lead the way

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