By RedBalloon for Business

Most businesses are looking for more customers. Businesses are wanting to build a connection to both existing, prospective and past customers. As well as build relationships with other stakeholders – employees, suppliers and community. Research has shown that offering aspirational prizes is a great way to get attention for your business.

In this edition we look at how to run competitions that really work. We look at best practice, offer advice and insight from years of working with our clients to deliver amazing competition prizes.

We have taken the time to spell out the ‘small print’ and what competitions need permits in an easy infographic.

We have also put together a promotions kit for you to download with artwork and creative ready to be customised for you.

It is important to stay in touch with customers and other stakeholders and running a competition is a great way to do this. With RedBalloon vouchers valid for five years there is plenty of time to get people out and about – and when they do, they will be supporting and Australian local business. Everyone wins.

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