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As business owners and marketers navigate a new way to engage with customers one thing we do know is that consumers are far more interested in the brand experience, they want a brand they can emotionally connect to and that aligns with their beliefs.

Nigel Malone Archetype Australia Director of Strategy recently mapped out truly integrated communications and he demonstrates the importance of building the emotional drivers for a brand. 

He wrote:

Emotional Drivers are about giving customers another reason to love your brand, aside from your product and or service. It’s closely tied to being seen as a good corporate citizen and a means to attract consumers that align with your ‘cause’ and or organizational values. Whilst the point of integrated communications is to consider all drivers, some drivers will naturally get more attention than others. 

“The model is equally scalable for a small or startup company. Simply focus on the big idea and the strategy behind it, and ensure it drives every piece of communication and engagement, across as many drivers as you can manage and afford. Done well, the end result is a consistent, efficient and powerful method of communication. 

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Customer sentiments in Australia and New Zealand are moving quickly. There is a growing #buylocal movement, and there is a push to support small businesses and all areas of the hospitality and entertainment industries. 

RedBalloon for twenty years has been bringing people together. It acts as a conduit between thousands of small activity suppliers and big business. 

Naomi Simson Founder RedBalloon recently said, “We had a tough summer with many of our experience suppliers directly affected. We had put together a range of experiences that were directly impacted and we were letting our business customers know that they could help by buying experiences vouchers for their employees to go on those experiences. We had been operating this program for only a few weeks before lock down hit.” 

“In the spirit of what we do – and knowing that we are a critical element to regional and rural activity businesses we swung into gear to help them evolve and adjust – many producing online experiences and we created the At home range. 

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RedBalloon is an ideal partner to create emotional connection for brands, a home grown success story, that delivered 600,000 customers to Australian owned activity suppliers in 2019. 

For businesses and marketers who want to build emotional connection to customers and show that they are supporting Australian businesses, this is the perfect partner for sales promotions, customer retention or sales incentives. 

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