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With so much going on in the news it is hard to work out what is ‘good news’, what is ‘real news’ and what is ‘useful news’. At RedBalloon we have always been in the business of bringing people together, and one of the ways that we do it is by hand picking valuable content that can support you in business.

The ‘Future of Work’ Happened – Six ideas to ‘Shift Gears’

Harvard Business Review

Empathy Starts with Curiosity

An easy read that gives practical insights into the human need for connection (especially when people are feeling disconnected). It reminded us to ask questions, and listen, without assuming we know what our team members, customers or stakeholders are feeling.


How To Help Employees Be The Culture Change You Want To See

The next meeting is only a click away. This brings its own new set of ‘how we work’ challenges. It is creating both productivity and cultural challenges as we are beamed into people’s work from home environments. We selected this three step practical guide to how we can help team members through it.

Podcast with Aussie comedian Nazeem Hussain

Comedy guide to CV-19

It is okay to have fun in business – in fact it is essential. To be creative means to allow our brains to relax, be calm and productive. Which is challenging when negative news is hard to avoid. Our podcast selection delivers you comic relief from Australian comedians talking ‘pandemic’.

by RedBalloon Founder Naomi Simson

3 Tips To Support Business Owners’ Mental Health

Learning to survive – let alone thrive with the ‘new normal’ for business owners is a herculean task. It is hard to be in control when so much of what business faces is out of their control. This 2 minute video provides some valuable lessons that are easy to apply.

by Sophie Giles

How To Be Customer-Centric in Challenge Times

We ask, ‘what is the right rhythm for staying in touch with customers?’ There is not one size fits all answer to this. In this post we have gathered the insights on what our clients are telling is best practice.

For when you are done with Friday zoom drinks RedBalloon’s New Experiences At Home Range

Virtual Experiences

If you want to re-energise your virtual team bonding, or have some experiences home delivered for your team members or clients, RedBalloon has everything from virtual murder mystery parties, to gin tasting, care packages and plenty more experiences for businesses to choose from.

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