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Using experiences to boost your fundraising efforts

Attracting donations and support for causes has never been harder. But experiences are a powerful means of engaging possible donors - via raffles, auctions and even volunteering opportunities. We work with hundreds of charities every year to provide experiences to support fundraising efforts.

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Why RedBalloon Fundraising Support?

We have found after many years supporting various charities and causes, that experiences attract a far higher return than material goods. The financial value of a once-in-a-lifetime experience is hard to pinpoint - and it’s one of the many reasons making experiences such a powerful fundraising tool. How do you put a price tag on a personal chef making you a hat-worthy dinner at home? Or a hot air balloon flight at sunrise over vineyards and stunning coastlines? Because of this unique ‘money can’t buy’ nature, experiences tend to attract higher bids and better financial outcomes for the charities involved.

We work with charities on both a pure donation and reduced costs of purchase basis. So contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can support your fundraising efforts.

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RedBalloon for Business has access to the best experiences Australia has to offer. So whatever your charity or cause, we can help you engage your donors and drive support.

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At Kidney Health Australia, we run fortnightly online lotteries to raise much needed funds in the area of kidney disease care, research, support, education and advocacy. For our K Lotto brand we aim to reward prize winners with unique prize offerings. We knew that by approaching RedBalloon, for whom we had heard so many wonderful things about, that we could allow prize winners to control the destiny of their prize, by selecting from a raft of great experiences.

Justin Megna, Digital Marketing Manager

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