By RedBalloon for Business

Using experiences at work is a valuable way to keep customers, employees and stakeholders connected, and our End of Financial Year offer will help you do just that.   

Our new range of RedBalloon e-gift cards are designed for businesses to make thoughtful gestures and supporting the Australian economy easy. As an EOFY bonus deal, when you buy 10 e-gift cards of the same denomination we will send your business an extra one to the same value. This buy 10 get one offer applies only to e-gift cards purchased via 

This new range of e-gift cards are customised with the most popular messages used on RedBalloon for Business vouchers in 2019, so they are the perfect way to streamline your approach to recognising your team, prizes, length of service, or simply saying thank you. We can also arrange to have your logo on our gift vouchers and gift cards too.  

Our purpose is to make doing business easier for you, and our End of Financial Year offer is a perfect opportunity to recognise the people important to your business. 

So explore our e-gift cards range or get in touch. 

Please allow 14 days for the additional card to be delivered. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, T&Cs apply. 


You’re recognised
Noticing and recognising a team member makes the world of difference to the entire team.  

You’re a winner
Everyone wants to feel like a winner, and everyone is a winner with this e-gift card. 

You’re a star
For those that stand out, make a difference and are a star this is the perfect choice.

Time to indulge
 With hundreds of indulgent experiences to choose from this is perfect to put a little decadence in someone’s day. With activities to do locally, at home or across Australia they get to choose. 

Thank you
Saying thanks is one of the kindest things you can do. You will feel great and so will they.  

Take a break
Taking time to do something special whether for an hour or a few days – this is the perfect gift to give someone a little down time.  

From work to play
Building a great work culture comes from the stories people tell about their workplace. Play time is important too.  

Big congrats
Celebrate that achievement with this wonderful e-gift card. Perfect to show that you care. Say congratulations in style. 

Best of luck
 As people head off on new journeys it is important to wish them well and give them something to truly remember.  

Welcome cheers
The best way to make someone truly welcome is to show that you care – and give them something to tell their family and friends about.  

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