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Customer Engagement

Absolutely gifted by nature, Australia has a backyard envied by the world. Surrounded by oceans, vineyards, mountains, and beaches, it’s no wonder international tourists flock here when they can. Many of your stakeholders may never have had the opportunity to explore the unique experiences and destinations right on our doorstep.

With summer in full swing and school holiday crowds abating, it’s the perfect time to support local tourism operators and communities who’ve been doing it tough, while treating your stakeholders to some homegrown adventure.

Here are five sure-fire ways to engage your team, acknowledge effort, and reward customers;

1. Engage customers with an epic ‘Explore Australia’ promotion

Nothing engages people more than a great promotion or campaign, such as Tourism Australia’s #HolidayHereThisYear. It might be ‘tell us in 25 words or less’, ‘collect three of these to win’, or ‘sign up now to go in the draw”. Whatever the call to action, whether trying to attract new customers or cementing relationships with existing ones, if you have a high value prize such as exploring outback Australia or scuba diving your way around the Great Barrier Reef, then you’re sure to create engagement and gain serious traction. 

2. Build a cohesive team through focused offsite activities

To achieve great featsyou need a reliable team. Teamwork doesn’t just happen when you put people in a room together. Although trust, rapport and respect are established in the office, new bonds are formed, and existing ones strengthened through participating in team experiences. There’s something about change in scenery and seeing colleagues taking on new challenges in different environments that inspires great camaraderie. 

3. Boost workplace productivity through friendly competitions

Day-to-day routines and work activities can sometimes verge on the mundane. Create some excitement by running some fun internal promotions to ignite and inspire. Whether it be building up points towards a reward, or running regular internal competitions between departments or within teams, mixing it up, creating goals and rewarding effort will transform the office vibe. RedBalloon experience vouchers are a great prize option, giving your winners the gift of choice, with thousands of experiences to choose from. 

4. Host a raffle for your workplace charity of choice

Employees want their organisations to invest in meaningful social causes. Survey your people and have them select a charity or cause theyre passionate about. By seeking employee input, theyll feel engaged and be more supportive of fundraising efforts. Raffles are a fantastic way to raise money, and are relatively simple to organise. RedBalloon is running one right now – ‘WIN Monthly RedBalloon Experience for 2 for an Entire Year’ raising much needed funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Your business could do something similar, and purchase a unique and compelling Australian experience as the prize.

5. Reconnect with valued clients through shared experiences

Business is all about building sustainable rapport with peopleLast year was fraught with challengesmaking it difficult at times to nurture those important client relationships. Start this year off with an intense focus on reconnection and reengagement. Organise a client day out on the harbourlunch by the bay, or host a weekend in a vineyardCreating shared stories and memories through experience is the ultimate way to foster relationshipsand you can support local businesses along the way 

So why not send your stakeholder engagement levels skyrocketing, and showcase all Australia has to offer. Backyards simply don’t get any better.  

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