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No Christmas party this year? No worries, RedBalloon can help you celebrate anyway

Hands up who’ll be glad to see the back of 2020? Most of 
the country, we think!

As the end of the year approaches, people are turning their minds to Christmas get-togethers. Christmas parties have always been a fantastic way of bringing people together in a social settingof letting-down hair and celebrating the past twelve months’ hard work. The only problem is, ‘social settings’ in a COVID year don’t necessarily exist. Practically nobody will be holding the big parties traditionally associated with Christmas. Bah, humbug! 

But it’s not all bad news. There are alternatives, and RedBalloon can help you find ways of saying “Thanks” to your staff that don’t involve a big knees-up. 

We think people deserve one heck of a reward just for getting through this challenging year – not to mention managing to work through the tough times as well!   

Making wishes come true – now that’s a great Christmas gift

This year, by way of thankswhy not consider giving staff a RedBalloon voucher? 

When you think about it, a voucher for a wonderful experience that people can use at their leisure, instead of a once-off party, makes a lot of sense. A few party pies and free drinks… or something that basically equates to cash in the hand (but better)? We suspect we know which one employees might prefer. 

As an example, our client Lite n Easy in Queensland certainly thinks so. They’ve given out vouchers instead of holding a Christmas party for the past four years, and their staff love it. We deliver hundreds of vouchers each December to the Lite n’ Easy warehouse, where they’re handed out with thanks to each individual person 

It’s a great option. After all, parties, while fun, are fleeting – but special memories last forever. And when people get to choose their own adventures  ‘wish list’ experiences they’ve always personally wanted to try – well, that’s when magical memories are made. 

And that feeling, when linked to their employer, generates a lot of goodwill and can really boost morale

Gift a RedBalloon voucher this Christmas

Connecting at Christmas, wherever we are

Christmas has always been a time of coming together. For families, for friends, and for workplaces. But when a workforce is spread out far and wide, it’s not always easy to meet up. Particularly at the moment. Many national and regional companies are finding it hard to find ways of maintaining a feeling of connection with their employees. 

gifted RedBalloon voucher demonstrates to people that, no matter where they are – they matter. Plus, there’s a sense of ‘surprise and delight’ that comes with that little red balloon logo. Even if people are working far away from head officeat Christmas time, head office can come to them in the form of a RedBalloon voucher. 

Salesforce has been using vouchers to give to their team members unable to attend its end of year celebrations for a number of years… read more about what they have learned. 

Small is beautiful. Local is lovely.

You can choose to give a RedBalloon voucher for a particular experience (remember, we have over five thousand of them!) or leave it open for your employee to choose something of their own.  

As a plus, when you buy RedBalloon vouchers for your staff you’re also helping smaller Australian businesses get back on their feet. Many of our experiences are in regional areas – where people need all the help they can get. Meanwhile, your staff get to go out into the community, discover new places and have fun, while supporting these businesses and their wider networks. You could say it’s a win-win! 

Another alternative you could explore instead of holding a Christmas partyor giving out a voucher, is to organise a small gathering for a handful of staff. We’ve got hundreds of great ideas – just get in touch and ask! What about a whale-watching trip? Or a fine dining experience? A cooking class for your team? At RedBalloon, we know exactly what’s open and happening in each State and Territory. Naturally, each and every one of these experiences follows stringent COVID-19 safety plans.  

Be of good cheer – and keep it personal

When you give a RedBalloon voucher this Christmas, it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’. Our vouchers – which can arrive via print, post or digital – can be personalised with names and individual messages of thanks, along with your company logo. 

Your employees will feel valued and – importantly – have something fantastic to look forward to, once we reach happier times (and we’re nearly there!) 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to talk about how we can help you sign off 2020 in style for your staff. This year, let’s put the focus on people, not parties. 



Dreaming of a Red Christmas?

We have hundreds of experiences to suit smaller groups: 



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