By RedBalloon for Business

How we can help you minimise your HR admin

Working in HR is for people who love people. It’s you who can attract them, bring them onboard, help the business to nurture them then watch with pride as careers start, change or flourish on your watch.

Do you sometimes find though, the sheer weight of HR admin can stop you from enjoying these great moments of being present for your people?

Here’s one piece of admin you can get off your plate straight away. If you are manually running a length of service recognition program or any type of recognition program in fact. Stop now, put your spreadsheets away. Let RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform do it for you.

REDii is super simple recognition and reward software that you can have up and running within your lunch break.

You can easily automate these awards:

Happy Birthday

Automatically celebrate their special day with them by giving them some points on their birthday. It’s much better on the company waistline than cake!

Work Anniversary

Loyalty does matter and it’s something to celebrate. Let us help by awarding points every year on the anniversary of the day they started with your organisation.


You can also create awards for safety, innovation, sales achievement, employee of the month, enable peer to peer awards and enable discretionary points accounts for both managers and employees.

If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen. The more creative the awards the better the recognition moment is.

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