By Naomi Simson

Experiences at work: Building a sense of purpose in workplaces

“When you love what you do every day – you never have to work another day in your life.” Anon.

In this ten-part series, we look at key ways your business can shift peoples’ experience of work. Given the amount of change and uncertainty that 2020 has brought to people’s work lives, taking steps to foster a positive experience of work is more important now than ever.

In this edition we talk about connection to purpose, and how the experience of work is materially important to overall wellbeing. Each part in the series provides ideas on how to create a sense of connection with customers, team members and key stakeholders in your business.

Starting with #1 Building a sense of purpose in workplaces

Having worked in entrepreneurial enterprises for many decades, I know it’s not so much what I do, but the why and how that makes a difference to other people. Every business needs a why and how, and needs to connect employees to each other and to that purpose.

As humans it’s fundamental to our sense of wellbeing to belong; to be part of a community and to connect with people. That has been particularly challenging as we ride out the various levels of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. So, whether it’s virtual connections or gathering in small groups for fun activities, people need experiences to enjoy themselves, and to enjoy together. For teams of employees, those experiences at work are what build employee engagement, motivation, and understanding of the greater business purpose.

In our case, I recall a message of thanks I received in the early days of RedBalloon. His email still relevant today as I reflect on why we do what we do at the BRG. I tell the story in the following video.

When people have a sense of purpose, they feel like they’re making a difference to others. Every business needs a clear purpose that employees can align with and feel inspired to contribute to others.

With a sense of purpose especially when the way we work has changed considerably, knowing that we are connecting people to small business suppliers also means that we help people and businesses.

Make every moment count.

RedBalloon for Business specialises in transforming the way people experience work and businesses. This series – all about experiences at work – will take a look at the why and how workplaces can help shift the way people experience life at work.

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