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What is the best employee recognition software?

Before researching the market to understand the best employee recognition software to meet your needs, you should start by asking yourself these questions. That way when you kick off your search, you know what you are looking for and you’re clear on your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to haves’.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What’s your objective?

Are you looking to reinforce behaviours or values you are seeing in your business? Are you wanting to create a culture of peer to peer recognition? Do you want to reduce the administrative burden of an existing manual program? Do you want to achieve consistency across your leadership team in terms of how they recognise their people?

Who’s the recognition program for and where are they?

Is this program for ALL of your employees? Is it open to part-time, contract or casual employees (we believe the answer to this should be yes by the way, great work and inspiring behaviour can come from any role type). Is your workforce globally diverse? Are ALL of your locations eligible and included in the program?

Access and upload

Do all of your employees exist in one place? Do they all have company email addresses? Are they are in your ERP, your payroll system or communications tool?

Must haves – what are yours?

Do you want someone to manage the entire process from design to implementation? Do you want it to sync with your internal comms tool? Do you want to measure the prevalence of your values in all recognition?

Nice to haves

if the tool could do a few other things that would make your life easy, when it comes to launch and maintenance or innovation what would they be?

It might help to review this features list and tick what appeals to you before you start your search.

Peer 2 Peer Recognition Mobile access or mobile app User support
Length of Service Recognition Dashboards and analytics Regular program insights and updates
Manager to team member recognition Built in survey tools Managed communication
Self – entry awards Leaderboards Email communication
Safety awards Gamification SMS communication
Ability to tag add values or behaviours Rewards shop Single Sign On
Integrations with Payroll or ERP Ability to manage your own rewards Integrations with performance management or other HR tools
Integrations with comms tools eg Yammer, Slack, Chatter Customisation of awards and program look and feel. Budget management and tracking
Cloud based subscription v on premise Wellness tracking Manager Training

RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform ticks many of these boxes for example:

1. Peer to Peer Recognition

RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform embraces the social recognition that millennials, for example, require at work. Putting your team in charge of developing a recognition culture can be motivating and drive a sense of autonomy. REDii’s social recognition can also be sent by mobile or via chatbots!

2. Mobile Access or mobile app

RedBalloon for Business’s REDii software unites teams on and off-site locations. Our mobile-first focus facilitates employee engagement and communication between employees working across geographically diverse locations.

3. Rewards Shop

Immediate rewards that offer choice are paramount to the success of any employee recognition and reward program. RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform offers over 3,000 rewards to choose in our shop. RedBalloon, Wrapped, The Iconic, Flight Centre, Rebel Sports, Experiences, Getaways, Gadgets are only a few of thousands of rewards available.

4. HR Analytics

Using software like RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform helps you to understand how your culture is living your company values and make the necessary adjustments to create an extraordinary work culture. Being aware of the trends and insights behind what’s driving your people is crucial. REDii analytics help you identify top talent and the most highly engaged teams.

5. Integrations with communications tools (Slack, Chatter)

We know working environments can get busy. With RedBalloon for Business’s REDii platform, you can send recognition straight from the channels you use (like Slack) and not miss the significant milestones of your peers and teammates. Transparency is today’s culture currency and having always-on access to the instances of recognition within your organisation creates a ripple effect.

There you go! To finalise and answer the question what the best employee recognition software is, the answer is simple and easy. It is the one that adapts to your needs. We would love you to give us a go and help you to create an extraordinary work culture.

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