By Naomi Simson

I thank you – for your continued conversation and curiosity. For your love of experiences and activities. For knowing that you can count on us to do all that we can to provide customers to experience suppliers everywhere. We remain the conduit from your business to our experience suppliers.

For the next few months, you will see that our industry is working together under the banner ‘make every moment count’.

After a long hard summer for many of our experience suppliers affected by drought and bushfire, in March like many other industries most of our experience providers were in hibernation.

The RedBalloon team worked tirelessly through this time.

I needed to stay close to ‘consumer sentiment’ and our business clients and learn first-hand what was going on throughout our economy too. Since 1 April 2020 I have been the acting head of RedBalloon for Business.

We have talked to government, tourism bodies, industry advocates and community groups as to learn what we can do to have the biggest impact on the recovery of this vast land.

This has given us a chance to evolve and, in some cases, transform our corporate offering.



We will continue to share with you the most insightful, valuable research, podcasts, videos and articles that we hand pick for you.

Please reach out to me directly if you think you too could amplify the ‘make every moment count’ program.

Kind regards

Naomi Simson – Founder RedBalloon

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