Valentines Day for Singles

by Trisha Mee

Uncoupled this Valentine’s Day? Don’t sit around crying into your chardonnay or weeping at The Notebook – there are plenty of other ways to feel the love on February 14.

When the heart balloons and bunches of red roses start arriving at the office on Valentine’s Day, singletons can often feel downright bad. But not this year. With our fabulous suggestions for the “uncoupled” among us, you’ll start to look at February 14 in a whole new light.

Love thyself

It might fall on a Tuesday this year, but that’s no reason for a little (or a lot of) self-indulgence on Valentine’s Day. Book in for a post-work massage or facial, or both. If you’re super-organised, plan to take the day off and treat yourself – book in at a day spa for hours of pampering; or use the time to achieve a goal you’ve had on your bucket list for too long: take that 10-kilometre walk, tackle that ocean swim, bike that mountain track.

Spread the love

You may not have a Significant Other to share the day with, so why not spend time with other significant people in your life. Book theatre tickets for you and your parents; invite your brother or sister over for dinner and a DVD; take your Nan and/or Pop to a movie and catch up over coffee afterwards. Haven’t seen that elderly neighbour or friend for ages? Plan to spend the night together – even something as simple as sharing a takeaway and a game of Scrabble could make a lonely older person’s day.

Give a little love

What better day to get out of your own head and think about others who need help in all sorts of ways? Offer to babysit for a friend with children, so she and hubby (or he and the wife) can have a romantic night out together. Think about people who have lost loved ones – send them a beautiful bunch of flowers on a day that could have painful memories. Have a friend who’s a full-time carer? Take over their duties for the night so they can have some well-deserved time off. Or consider volunteering with a charity that operates nightly food vans, such as Youth Off the Streets or Vinnies.

Hold a love-in

Follow the lead of Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope and celebrate “Gal-entine’s Day” with your single BFFs. Organise a get-together at your place, involving cocktails, fabulous food – everyone can bring something – dancing and possibly a laugh-out- loud movie. Create a brilliant playlist that celebrates your singledom and friendship: think Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves, Firework, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), I Will Survive, Beautiful, I’m Every Woman, Respect, Born This Way, True Colours and Defying Gravity.

Do something you love

What about an evening that’s just about you and everything you love? Why not set a lovely table (yes, candles and the good silver) and cook a fabulous meal, wearing something you really love? Buy a bottle of the best wine you can afford and drink it out of your best glass. Watch your most-cherished movie. Sit in your most comfortable chair and start a book you’ve wanted to read for ages. Soak in a bath with aromatherapy oil burning and your favourite music in the background.

It may just be your best Valentine’s Day yet.

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