Unique Proposal Ideas

by Roxanne Groebel

Whether the love of your life is a big ol' softie or a logical sort that hates ‘the soppy stuff’, we’ve got the best ideas for how to propose and more importantly, how to reveal the ring!

A proposal is a pretty big deal. Asking your love to spend forever with you is a huge, romantic act that if all goes to plan will become a story that’s told over and over by the two of you; at parties, family events and your wedding, of course! Here's some inspiration so you can make it memorable!

1. A great twist on the classic ring-in-the-glass-of-bubbles-at-dinner move is to reveal the ring in a sweet treat. Place it on top of their ice-cream sundae when you’re eating dessert at her favourite trashy diner. Or perhaps, propose in the language of chocolate? You can use Chocogram to craft a special message made out of chocolate and then place the ring inside the cute wooden box.

A Message in Chocolate

2. For those who would love to incorporate in-jokes and special places into their proposal; a scavenger hunt is the way to go! Set up clues and leave notes in a trail that leads to the ring. You could choose to do this just in your home or all over town!

3. Take it back to your favourite date; the aquarium. If your lover goes crazy over cute marine animals, then how about proposing on a private tour or at a dinner hosted in the aquarium, after hours? You can buy a soft toy from the gift shop and place the ring in the hands (or tentacles) of it! Or perhaps you’d like to go all out and have scuba divers hold a ‘will you marry me?’ sign up to the glass.


4. A sunset beach trip always puts one in a romantic mood, so why not propose on the sand of your favourite secluded beach with a sentimental message in a bottle? Before your beach trip, place a love poem written on parchment paper and the ring inside a clear bottle and pack it into your beach bag. While your partner is busy putting on sunscreen, swimming or making a sandcastle; bury the bottle in the sand near their towel. Once they discover it, you can drop to your knee and ask the big question with the gorgeous tangerine sky and azure waves as your backdrop.

5. A voracious reader would love to find their ring in a book! With a little help from someone crafty, you could mock up an old book to look like a first edition of their favourite novel or collection of poems and hallow out a section to place the ring inside of! They’ll love the attention to detail and the fact that you didn’t actually damage a rare copy of their favourite book. You’d have to give them the real first edition afterwards to seal the deal, though!

6. For a super sexy, romantic reveal why not organise a turn-down/styling service? While you’re out to dinner, proposal helpers will go to your hotel room and set up the ultimate bubble bath for two. Think a hundred candles, chocolates and a bottle of Champagne. They’ll be able to set up the ring on the bed or the bath, encircled with rose petals.

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