Unplugged but Luxurious: The Rise of Off-Grid Getaways


In a world full of screens, technology and the constant digital noise of our phones, switching off is a rare treat. Ecotourism holidays offer you the chance to do just that and escape to nature.

Are you ready to give someone the gift of switching off from the world and indulging in a luxurious experience with RedBalloon? In the hustle and bustle of our lives, indulging in a captivating getaway in Australia’s best nature escapes could be precisely what’s needed.

Sometimes, silencing our notifications is the best form of therapy. Being engrossed in our phones is something we’re all guilty of, especially in the midst of the busyness of everyday life.

Help someone rediscover their inner peace and unplug all that outside noise. Whether you’re whisking yourself and your loved ones away or giving the present of relaxation, RedBalloon offers incredible experiences to reconnect with the real world.

What is an unplugged experience?

An unplugged experience is an activity or unique adventure that requires disconnecting from the digital world. Unplugged experiences are all about taking some “me” time and focusing on what means the most to you. Leave those emails behind, silence the sounds of your phone, and indulge in the feeling of inner peace.

If you or someone else wants to immerse themselves in an unplugged experience, you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort. Focusing on the present moment doesn’t mean you need to drop all your favourite luxuries. In fact, many unplugged experiences come equipped with a touch of luxury and elegance for everyone to enjoy. Whether someone’s the adventurous type or they’d rather sip a glass of wine in a country retreat, unplugged experiences can provide something for everyone.

If you’re ready to give someone the chance to leave those digital devices behind and enjoy a blend of adventure, peace, calmness and authenticity, it may be time for an unplugged adventure.

Browse through our hidden cabins to find a range of secluded ecotourism accommodation options. Using the search function to search the term ‘off grid’ for those special remote cabin getaways, such as a 1 Night Stay in a Macedon Ranges or a 2-night stay in the Hallston wilderness.

What is ecotourism?

But ecotourism in Australia is about more than simply switching off and relaxing.

Ecotourism refers to sustainable travel to natural areas, making for an enjoyable experience where you can embrace the nature surrounding you while you disconnect from the world. This form of travel and adventure emphasises environmental conservation and the welfare of the surrounding communities. Eco resorts in Australia always prioritise keeping the economic benefits of tourism within the community itself.

With plenty of eco-tourism accommodations available across the country, Australia has so much to offer. If you want to embark and begin a journey of ecotourism, or treat someone else to it, Australia has activities and resorts waiting.

Ecotourism and unplugged experiences are linked as they both prioritise nature and the minimal impact on the environment. By leaving digital devices at home and surrounding yourself in nature, you’ll experience your surroundings on a deeper, more appreciative level.

What are the benefits of an unplugged experience?

In the busy world around us, unplugging from reality may feel like a long-lost concept. Switching off for a few days and giving yourself some time for some relaxation may be the missing piece to a fulfilling, peaceful life. If you’re lucky enough to treat yourself or someone else to some time away, you’ll appreciate the benefits the disconnected world has to offer.

Here are some benefits of an unplugged experience:

1. Mindfulness

Taking time for yourself to unplug is an excellent opportunity to practise mindfulness. By encouraging someone to switch off the sound and notifications on their devices, they can indulge in their thoughts and put their mental health first. Without distractions, it’s easier to embrace the world around you and notice all the small details.

2. Rejuvenation

There’s nothing quite like a break from reality. Taking a break from screens and devices is extremely refreshing, improving your outlook and decreasing your stress levels. By taking your phone away and allowing yourself time to relax, you, or the gift receiver, can gather your thoughts and reconnect with nature, your loved ones, and yourself.

3. Improved relationships

Why not take the time to bond and reconnect with your loved ones? By switching off the sound of the outside world, you’ll improve your relationships and catch up on anything you’ve missed. Taking devices out of the way leaves room to foster your relationships and reconnect.

4. Appreciation of nature

Being surrounded by nature is not a concept we’re all lucky enough to experience. From the breathtaking views to the fun outdoor activities, there is something for everyone. In an unplugged environment, you’ll get the chance to look up and around at the spectacular scenery without the harsh, artificial light of your phone blocking your view.

5. Embracing ecotourism

By embracing eco-friendly tourism activities, you’re actively playing a role in conserving the planet’s natural environment. A significant perk of ecotourism is that local communities benefit from your economic support. If you’re looking for ecotourism resorts, Australia’s beautiful natural landscape has lots to offer.

Opting for an off grid, unplugged experience has many benefits. If you’re craving a break away from reality or looking for the perfect gift, an unplugged period without distractions could be just what you need.

Whether you offer someone the chance to reconnect with themselves, bond with a loved one under the stars, or you decide to take the family for a getaway to enjoy some fun activities, there is something for everyone in the great outdoors.

Unplugged luxury for every occasion

An unplugged luxury getaway is the perfect way to celebrate every occasion. From a cosy Christmas gift to a brilliant birthday present, an unplugged nature getaway is a great way to gather with your loved ones. If you want to enjoy your surroundings and celebrate with your nearest and dearest or purchase the ultimate experience gift, an unplugged luxury break is the key to success and won’t let you down.

Cosying up in front of the fire and embracing nature doesn’t mean you need to kiss luxury goodbye. RedBalloon offers options for eco-friendly tourism activities if you feel like treating yourself or a loved one. With plenty of luxurious options available and the chance to take a well-deserved break, you won’t be short of choice with RedBalloon.

Are you ready to disconnect from the world and dive into the world of unplugged luxury? Browse our collection today or sign up to RedBalloon for the latest offers and exclusives.

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