From Takeoff to Touchdown: A Guide to Gifting the Perfect Flying Experience


Know that special someone who would love to learn how to fly a plane? Searching for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for sibling? Ever wondered how to book a mystery flight for that incredible couple? RedBalloon has the flying experiences you’ve been searching for.

From hot air ballooning and flying lessons to aerobatic stunts and stunning helicopter rides, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to gift the perfect flying experience this Christmas.

How do I know which flying experience to buy as a gift?

With hundreds of unique flying experiences available on RedBalloon, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when trying to pick out the perfect present.

To help you decide which flying experience is right for your loved one, we’ve put together this handy guide outlining the different types of adventures RedBalloon has on offer.

Flying experiences for Thrill Seekers

Know someonewho’s always looking for white-knuckled thrills? Our range of spectacular flying experiences will be sure to get their blood pumping.

Skydiving: Nothing screams pure daredevil like a skydiving experience. If you know that special someone who’s never strapped on their parachute and headed to the skies, this is a life-changing gift that they’ll cherish forever.

Aerobatic planes: From twists and turns to barrel rolls and loop-the-loops, few things are more exhilarating than a stomach-churning aerobatic flight. Give someone the gift of flight this holiday season with our extensive range of hands-on pilot experiences.

Looking for something else for your favourite daredevil? Why not browse our range of tiger moth, paragliding or jet fighter experiences?

Learn how to fly: flying experiences for budding pilots

Got a sibling who’s always wanted to learn how to fly a plane? Know that friend who’d love nothing more than to take to the skies? Our range of flying experiences have got your gift-giving covered this holiday season at RedBalloon.

Flying lessons: Is there any gift more ideally suited to a budding pilot than one of our amazing flying lesson packages? We certainly don’t think so. Your loved one will relish taking control of an aircraft as they take to the skies and learn the ropes of flying under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Jet Fighters: From Warbird flights to L-39 missions, our jet fighter experiences are the heart-pumping adventure your lucky recipient never knew they needed. They’ll experience G-force thrills like no other as they manoeuvre through the skies at breathtaking speeds.

On the hunt for something different for the plane enthusiast in your life? Browse our range of Joy Flights and Flight Simulator experiences today.

Flying experiences for couples

From romantic flights to stunningly scenic hot air balloon rides, there are dozens of exciting ways to give that incredible couple the gift of a lifetime with RedBalloon. Here are just a few of the great adventures we have on offer.

Hot air balloon rides: Nothing says romance like a stunning balloon ride over Australia’s stunning landscapes. From the Gold Coast and Hunter Valley to Brisbane and the Macarthur region, we have a wide range of outstanding hot air balloon experiences situated all across Australia.

Mystery getaways: Searching for something entirely unique? Our mystery getaway flights will jet that special couple off to a surprise destination for three nights in a luxury hotel. The spontaneity of arriving in an unknown location is sure to spark the thrill of adventure. Plus, it takes all of the hassle out of booking and itinerary planning. That’s a win for them and a win for you.

Looking for another way to give the gift of flight to that perfect pair this Christmas? Check out our selection of helicopter rides and scenic flights.

Flying experiences for the whole family

Soaring through the skies isn’t just reserved for thrill-seekers and aviation enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of flying experiences perfect for family days out and group special occasions. Here are just a few of the great offers available on RedBalloon.

Indoor skydiving: On the hunt for thrilling family-friendly fun? Indoor skydiving is the safe, high-octane experience that’s taking Australia by storm. With state-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, there’s an indoor skydiving experience waiting for every family here at RedBalloon.

Group helicopter rides: If you’re searching for the bonding experience of a lifetime, this is the experience for you. Our private helicopter flights for three will have you and your family soaring high and savouring the views in some of Australia’s most beautiful locations.

Seeking out other unique, family-friendly flying experiences? Why not embark on a group hot air balloon adventure or take a scenic flight over Australia’s most incredible landmarks?

Flying experience for relaxation seekers

The gift of flight may not be the first thing that springs to mind for the relaxation lover in your life. But RedBalloon offers dozens of life-changing flying experiences without the thrills. Here are just a few of the relaxing flying packages we have on offer.

Scenic flights: Whether it’s cruising above the Great Barrier Reef, soaring high above Sydney’s stunning skyline, or exploring the sights of the iconic Barossa Valley, your loved one will savour every moment with one of our incredible scenic flights.

Helicopter rides: Give that special person an experience to remember with an unforgettable RedBalloon helicopter tour. Whether it’s touring the stunning coastlines of Sydney Harbor or enjoying a helicopter ride and wine experience at Barossa, our incredible range offers something for every relaxation seeker. How much is a helicopter flight, you ask? Don’t worry; with rides starting at just under $100, we’ve got an experience for every budget.

For other relaxing flying packages, check out our selection of seaplane and gliding experiences.

RedBalloon flying experience gifts that don’t break the bank

Whether it’s enjoying a romantic meal on a hot air balloon ride, getting hands-on in a flying lesson, or soaring over Australia’s majestic landscapes on a scenic flight, there’s a flying experience gift for everyone here at RedBalloon.

Want to learn about the other exciting Christmas experiences we have on offer? You can browse the full range here. From tasting tours to V8 supercar driving and everything in between, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift you’re looking for.

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