Shark Tank Season Three Finale

by Elisa Parry

And that’s a wrap! Shark Tank Australia 2017 has come to an end. ‘Red Shark’ Naomi Simson looks back on the highlights of season three. 

This season we saw a number of entrepreneurs bravely pitch their business ideas to the panel of Sharks: internet pioneer Steve Baxter, Boost Juice entrepreneur Janine Allis, international business man Andrew Banks, Dr Glen Richards, founder of Greencross and the founder of RedBalloon - Naomi Simson!

Throughout the series, we saw Naomi snap up some savvy deals. So, we thought it would be a great idea to get the lowdown on this season of Shark Tank Australia including everything from what she loves most about the show to the ones that got away. Here’s what she had to say…

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What were a few key highlights for you this season on Shark Tank?

I was very much myself, and everybody was themselves. I think they have done a really great job of getting more businesses on air and editing it really well. Another highlight was the fact that we show people different points of view, and that’s absolutely okay, because there is no easy road in business. 

Were there any deals that you wished you were able to snap up? What was the one that got away?  

I offered to mentor Crooked Compass and I really enjoy continuing to work with Lisa Pagotto. Maybe I should have snapped that one up. But you can never look back, you can only look forward. 

Naomi with Lisa Pagotto from Crooked Compass.

So why did you decide to work with Crooked Compass? 

The reason why I like working with Lisa from Crooked Compass is because her value set and her aspirations are absolutely aligned with mine, we just do it in different areas. We want people to have incredible experiences and we want to support, in our case our business partners, and in her case communities. But we actually have exactly the same business ethos and model, which is great.

The reason why I didn’t invest in Lisa is because at that time, it was just her and she was a risk. If something happened to her, well, there goes the business. Now she is finding other people to surround her to really help to grow her business.


Naomi with Anya Lorimer from One Talk.

What do you love most about Shark Tank? 

I love being right at the beginning of a business journey. I love the energy they have for their ideas and I love the fact that even outside of Shark Tank I hear so many great ideas. It’s the energy and enthusiasm of a start-up, of that raw passion, which is delightful. 

Do you have any insights on what we could expect from next season?

Well, they have booked us for next season, but until we’re in the Tank, we’re not in the Tank. With all the changes that go on at Channel Ten, one never knows and one never takes their career in media for granted. But I think we have learnt a lot this season about what does work. People are loving the vignettes and the smaller cut downs and the ability for us to expose more businesses. 


The best part about Naomi’s involvement on Shark Tank is that the products from some of her new businesses, and other companies from the show she is working with, are now available on RedBalloon and our sister site Wrapped.

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