Revamp Your Home

by Trisha Mee

If your decor is starting to look tired and your home feels uninspired, it’s probably time to shake things up and what better time to do it than right now! Here are 5 simple ways to up your interior style game and transition your home so you can better embrace this indoor period.

1. Artwork it

Bring a room to life with a large framed artwork. Choose something you love or that reflects your personality. Drawn to nature? Perhaps a floral illustration is the type of artwork you’d like to wake up to. Love your pet? Turn them into art with a hand drawn sketch. If modern is more your style, typographic, photographic artwork will fit the bill. Alternatively, if you want to get your creative on, creating a picture gallery made up of various frame sizes will make for an interesting display and fun DIY project.

2. Ignite your scent-ses

Candles and diffusers might not do much for changing the look of a space, but home fragrances are a great way to engage your sense of smell, create ambience or transport you to St Tropez. If you love the smell of the ocean, there are scented candles that will conjure up memories of summers spent at the beach. Having a romantic night in? There are candles that'll put love in the air. Or perhaps, a tropical escape is your happy place - well, there's a candle for that too! 


3. Change up your cushions

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to change-up the look of your living room or bedroom but with noticeable results. And to achieve that oh-so-important cosy look - don’t forget to karate chop the top of your cushion. Hi-yah!

4. Bring in the blooms

Whether it’s a stunning floral arrangement placed centre stage on the dining room table or a collection of small vessels holding freshly picked flowers from the garden, flowers have the power to lift a space and your mood. Learn to create your own arrangements by taking a floristry class or if you rather leave it to the experts, you can organise to have stunning flower arrangements delivered to your door. (Pretending they were sent to you by a secret admirer is optional.)

5. Kick the clutter

It’s amazing what a good autumn clean can do for the home (and for the mind) and it’s even more amazing when someone else does it for you! Pick up some tips as a decluttering expert systematically works through every room in your home turning the chaos into calm as they reorganise drawers, rearrange furniture to create a more functional space and remove accumulated clutter. You will love them and you won't want them to leave.

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