Queenstown Adventures

by Trisha Mee

Where can you find snow, exploration and thrilling adventure set against the backdrop of stunning scenery? Queenstown in New Zealand, that's where! Experience the adrenaline rush of skiing down the side of a mountain, the exhilaration of bungy jumping off a bridge or encounter the force of whitewater rapids. Take your pick of daring experiences that bring new meaning to living life on the edge. 

Heli-ski and heli-board from a mountain peak

Spend the day carving smooth turns through untouched powder on one of eleven legendary mountain ranges across Wanaka, Queenstown or Mount Cook while soaking up the amazing views of the Southern Alps. Then feast on a buffet lunch with some downtime to catch your breath, before enjoying more adrenaline fueled heli-ski runs to finish off a phenomenal day in the mountains. There are packages to suit strong intermediate skiers and boarders to expert levels.

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Abseil from dizzying heights

Looking for a mentally challenging experience? Abseiling down the side of a cliff might be a good place to start. In this experience, you're in full control of your decent speed so you can go at your own pace and have time to appreciate the panoramic view. Whether you're a beginner or more seasoned abseiler this experience will deliver a sense of elation and accomplishment as you touch down onto Queenstown’s doorstep.

>> Half day abseiling in Queenstown, New Zealand

Jump off the bridge where the bungy craze began

For those who like to live life on the edge (literally), bungy jumping off the 43 metre high Kawarau Bridge might just appeal to the daredevil in you. Located a 20 minute drive outside of Queenstown, this bridge spans the Kawarau River and is 'the original' world's first commercial bungy site. There are also great viewing platforms at various points out at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy site where you can snap photos or film friends and relatives taking their jump.

>> Bungy jump off Kawarau Bridge, Kawarau Valley, Queenstown, New Zealand

Experience sensory overload with a tandem skydive

Freefalling over Queenstown with its amazing views of the Southern Alps is a moment you'll never forget. Add to this, the adrenaline rush of plummeting towards the ground at speeds of up to 200kph and the peace and tranquility of a parachute descent, and you have a skydive experience that is equal parts breathtaking and brilliant. 

>> Sky Diving 15000ft Tandem Jump Over Queenstown, New Zealand

Take on a double dare - whitewater rafting and canyon swing

Attention adrenaline junkies! Get double the thrills from the one experience which combines whitewater rafting with a terrifying canyon swing. After being suspended 160 metres above the canyon floor, you are suddenly released to find yourself rushing towards the other side of the Nevis Valley, at 120km per hour! Then it's time test your paddling skills and take on the fast moving 2-3 grade rapids of Shotover River.  

>> Canyon swing and whitewater rafting day tour, Queenstown, New Zealand

Rock climb your way to dizzy heights

Put your body and mind to the test with a full day rock climbing adventure. You'll learn the latest rock climbing techniques and safe climbing practices from professional instructors, plus get lots of time on the rock. It's a great workout for those keen on being one with nature and seeing the spectacular scenery of Queenstown from a different perspective.

>> Full day rock climbing adventure, Queenstown, New Zealand 

Enjoy the thrills and spills of a jet boat ride

Be prepared to get wet and have the ride of your life on this exhilarating high powered, twin engine jet boat ride through the crystal blue waters of Lake Wakatipu and the Kawarau and Shotover rivers. Experience 43km of pure adrenaline as the jet boat skims past rocky outcrops at close range and twists and turns through the narrow canyons at breathtaking speeds. And be sure to hold on tight during the 360 degree turns!

>> Jet boat ride - 60 minutes, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand

Zip through the air on a flying fox

Remember the flying fox at the local playground from your childhood? Well, this has nothing on that. Set eighty two metres above the Shotover River and 445m in length you'll experience the rush of speed and freedom as you fly above the canyon and treetops, zip past the jaggered cliff face, and along the length of the icy Shotover River below. Prepare for two and a half hours of flying fox fun and plenty of wohooing through the trees. 

>> Shotover canyon flying fox ride, Queenstown, New Zealand

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