How to Refresh Your Look

by Trisha Mee

Shed the gloom of winter and get your glow on! Set aside a weekend of reinventing YOU with these preening and pampering experiences that'll get you lookin' good from head to toe. 

Go shopping with a stylist

If deciding what to wear on a daily basis involves staring blankly at your clothing, flicking through hangers, and declaring, “I’ve got nothing to wear!” It’s time to donate what you haven’t worn in the last twelve months and treat yourself to a few new seasonal items that will bring new life to your existing staples. If you’ve been there, done that and your morning ritual still hasn’t improved; it’s time to call in the experts for a style overhaul. A stylist can help you out of your outfit rut. They’ll take your style, body shape and features into consideration and recommend clothing that will fit and flatter. Go with an open mind and you might discover you CAN actually rock a skirt - you’ve just been buying the wrong style and a belt is the secret to cheating that defined waistline you’ve always wanted.

Get a new cut & colour

They say a change is as good as a holiday...err we’re not so convinced, but if you’re in need of a little refresh that costs less than a trip to Hawaii, then a new haircut can do wonders. A hair stylist can give you advice on how to improve what you’ve currently got going on, or if you’re up for a completely new look, they can uncover a whole new you with a killer cut and colour. Plus, there’s the complimentary shampoo and head massage and the piles of celebrity mags that are all part of the hairdresser experience. And don’t forget to make an excuse - any excuse - to dress up and hit the town after, because we all know your hair will never look this amazing again...that is, until your next appointment.

Book in a makeup lesson

Learning how to highlight your best features can instantly refresh your look and sometimes the most subtle changes can make all the difference. If you don’t want to go through life using the wrong eyeliner, then a makeup lesson is money well spent. ‘How do I get that glowy, sun-kissed look without the sun? Should I be using a pink-base or yellow-base foundation? What does BB stand for? And how does one contour without looking like they haven’t washed their face?’ All these questions and more will be answered as you get your makeup done and learn about proper application from a makeup guru. Whether you need a few tips on the latest makeup colours and trends or have no clue about what you’re doing in this department, a lesson in makeup will change your life.

Bliss out with a massage

The daily stresses of everyday life can take its toll which is why it’s important to take some time out - and no, scrolling through Instagram accounts is not time out - we’re talking about being device-free, for an hour at least. Close your eyes, feel your stress melt away and forget about the world as a qualified masseuse works their magic. You’ll wonder why you waited so long in between massages, why you don’t treat yourself more often, and when your masseuse informs you your hour is up, you’ll wonder why you didn’t book a longer appointment.

Rejuvenate your skin with a facial

Say bye-bye dead skin cells of winter and hello to your revitalised spring skin. If your face has come out of winter feeling like the Sahara, a good facial can help to restore it to its former glory. You’ll step out of the beauty salon looking fresher for it and determined to develop better beauty habits such as drinking more water, wearing sunscreen every day, taking your makeup off before going to bed (no matter how tired you are) and cutting back on wine - well, definitely the first three anyway….


Here are the experiences that'll get you looking your best:

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