Gift Ideas for Creative

by Trisha Mee

Do you have a family member who doesn't go anywhere without their camera? Have a friend who is mad about jewellery? Or perhaps you have a budding florist or singer/song writer in your circle of friends? Well, we have the perfect gift for each of them! Feed their creativity or maybe even yours with one of these unique experiences...

A resin jewellery workshop

Ever wanted to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery? In this hands-on workshop you will learn the techniques to make beautiful resin jewellery including bangles and rings that you can keep or give as gifts.

"This was such a great morning! Our teacher was fantastic, personable and supportive - even when we threw him creative curve balls. The class size was great and the value for money was super! I came away from the course with some great pieces, feeling confident and a thirst to do more projects in resin."

"I am so glad I took this class! I had a great time picking out designs and then making the rings and bangles using the resin, dyes, and powders. I am dying to make more now, and look forward to selling them at my local markets! Big thanks to Anna for running such a great class!"

- Ray, Sydney NSW

"I absolutely loved this experience. It was so much fun making my own jewellery and learning about resin. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves jewellery. I can't wait to show off my creations!"

- Jodie, Brisbane QLD

"A hands on, practical workshop that clearly takes you through the resin process step-by-step. It was easy to understand and fun to participate in and you go home with beautiful end products to show off. I'd recommend this experience for a girls afternoon out or as a gift for an artistic friend or teenager."

- Kristy, Melbourne VIC

Resin art masterclass

Make your own masterpiece in resin and be guided through the process in this hands-on art masterclass. Resin will be provided along with an abundance of colours and effects to create art you will be proud to hang on your wall.

"The experience was far more fulfilling than expected and the process was actually relatively quick and simple. The scientific nature behind the artistic process of resin painting was so unlike any other medium I've worked with and the effects produced were unpredictable and surprising, which I loved. I would recommend this to anyone considering working with resin as a medium for painting."

"I had a great time learning a new technique and learning to make resin artwork with my mum for her Mother's Day present."

- Megan, Blue Mountains NSW

"Jen was a great teacher! Very easy going and approachable. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn resin art."

- Justine, Melbourne, VIC

Floristry workshops

Learn how to create your own masterpiece using the beauty of flowers, understand the skills, techniques and secrets behind beautiful floristry. Fresh flowers, foliage, containers and other floral supplies, are included. 

"This was an excellent class! It was wonderful to learn some expert tips and walk away with an exquisite bunch of flowers, personally arranged. I was very happy indeed with the class and highly recommend it as an experience. A big thanks to the friendly, creative and knowledgeable teacher."

"Such an amazing experience! The florist was very knowledgeable and gave great tips! Room set-up was ideal and all resources were high quality. I can't wait to go again!"

- Jodie, Perth WA

"I had so much fun! The class was great and the teachers we awesome. They were very helpful and full of knowledge. I will be doing more courses!"

- Karina, Grange NSW

Stone sculpture workshop

Within one day, you'll acquire all of the skills and confidence to create an amazing stone sculpture you can be proud to take home and put on display!

"This experience was so good and the staff so helpful it made making my own creation far easier than I thought. My daughter made an amazing owl and I made a abstract garden feature which I had always wanted to buy. I will make more at home now I know how."

"I had an excellent time at this day workshop. Robert was very informative and had great advice and tips to help achieve our vision when creating the sculpture. I definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to get in touch with their creative side."

- Monica, Smithfield NSW

"We had a great day! The instructors are super friendly and made sure everyone enjoyed themselves and went home with a truly individual sculpture. I do not consider myself to have a creative side, but I was impressed with how easy they made the design process and bringing our sculpture to life. I would highly recommend the experience for anyone wanting to do something creative."

- Bjorn

Night photography workshops

These night photography workshops will introduce you to some very simple, yet inspiring techniques for shooting after dark. Learn how to expose for mood, compose inventive night portraits, artfully capture moving lights and take a variety of photos in low light situations.

"This was so much fun. I didn’t realise how easy it was to take some amazing shots like this. My friends were very impressed with my photos and new skills. This course left me inspired and ready to learn more about DSLR photography. This course really is for immediate and beginner photographers. Ben the instructor is great at what he does and you can really learn a lot from him."

"This was a very worthwhile experience. The small group allowed Penny to provide us with individual attention, and Penny's is a very good teacher. I'd certainly recommend it for anyone who is not yet comfortable with the Manual settings of their camera or for anyone who wants to learn more about night-time/long-exposure photography."

- Damian, Melbounre, VIC

"The whole experience was fantastic Penny who ran the course was relaxed and very professional. She made sure everyone had the right settings for each different shoot. The locations were well chosen and I was very happy with the shots I took. Great experience!!"

- Rick, Melbourne VIC

"Glen our instructor was very patient with a wealth of knowledge. I learned more in three hours than I have in the last ten years. I would highly recommend this workshop."

- Michael, Sydney NSW

Songwriting Course

Learn how to write songs using all the tips and tricks the hit songwriters use! This course will teach you the fundamental elements of songwriting, and become familiar with the process of writing and crafting a song.

"This experience has totally inspired me. I've written and recorded the odd song in the past but this first session with Tony has invigorated my love for writing lyrics. I'm feeling more inspired than ever before and I've even created a writing space at home ready to spend more time doing what I love. Looking forward to the next two classes! Great experience!"

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