Flying experiences by personality

by Elisa Parry

Give someone the gift of flight! If someone you know is about to celebrate a special occasion, why not gift them the chance to fulfil their childhood dream of learning how to fly! Not sure which experience to choose? Here’s a handy rundown of which flying experiences suit which personality types. If they are an adrenaline junkie – skydiving is definitely for them. But don’t worry, if they're not so keen on throwing themselves out of a plane there are plenty of relaxing ways to enjoy the view from the top.

Flying experiences by personality

The dreamers

If they are the kind of person that loves adventure but also enjoys cruising through life at a slightly calmer pace, hot air ballooning should be at the top of their list. Take in the great views from great heights without reaching great speeds.

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Flying experiences by personality

Adrenaline junkies

Yep, you guessed it – skydiving is the top pick for adrenaline junkies. Chances are they'll love the experience so much they'll probably do it more than once in their lifetime. There are plenty of locations across Australia where they can take the plunge, from over the beach at Wollongong to the Great Ocean Road, even beautiful Byron Bay.

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Flying experiences by personality

Action men and women

Know someone who loves to channel their inner Bond? They'll love the chance to launch their very own Black Ops helicopter flight mission. Once their mission is complete, it’s probably time to strap in for a Top Gun Jet Fighter flight. If that’s not enough, there's always the option of a Warbird aerobatic flight – they're going to want to hold on tight!

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Flying experiences by personality

High flyers

Do they like a little luxury in their life? Treat them to a romantic seaplane experience. They'll enjoy a seaplane flight and lunch at Catalina for two, or a flight followed by an island picnic with seafood and sparkling wine. This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

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Flying experiences by personality

Control freaks

Are they the kind of person that always needs to be in control? Let them take a seat behind the steering wheel. Yep, there are plenty of experiences where they can learn to fly – under the guidance of an experienced instructor, of course. If they're not quite ready to take to the sky, they can always test their skills on a range of flight simulators.

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