Flying experience reviews

by Elisa Parry

Know someone who'd love to spend a day above the clouds? Gift them a flying experience so they can spread their wings. Can't decide on an experience? Here's what our customers have to say. Shop our full range of flying experiences here.

Hands on flying lesson

“I gave this to my partner for his birthday and he loved it. 70 minutes of pure flying. Whilst he was doing this I was stuck on the ground but the service was still great. Overall was an amazing present and I would definitely recommend it.” Brittany, QLD.

>> Gift a hands on flying lesson. 

Tiger Moth joy flight

My partner bought me this flight for my birthday and I was absolutely blown away by the flight and the pilot, the view and overall experience - it was amazing. As someone who is a lover of aviation this was a dream ride of mine. Thank you to the staff, pilot and Tiger Moth itself.” Michael, QLD 

>> Gift a Tiger Moth joy flight. 

Hot air ballooning over Sydney Macarthur region

Great experience, great crew and a fantastic day.” Greg, NSW

>> Gift a hot air balloon experience. 

Hands on trial flight with aerobatics

"This experience was amazing! I was at the controls flying the aircraft for the majority of the 45 minutes, except for when we came to land and when we did aerobatics, which was completely optional and was based on how comfortable you were. I couldn't recommend this experience highly enough. It was well worth it!" David, WA. 

>> Gift a hands on trial flight with aerobatics. 

Tiger Moth flight

“The weather was perfect. To see Perth, Fremantle, Cottesloe and the Swan River from this very different perspective was superb. Put it on your bucket list but make sure it's high up on the list. What a great gift idea.” Greg, WA. 

>> Gift a 30 minute Tiger Moth flight. 

Learn to fly a helicopter

Great experience. Hope to fly again soon. Feel the theory was a little rushed.” John, NSW.

>> Gift a helicopter lesson

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