Experiences to fill the Game of Thrones-sized hole in your life

by Elisa Parry

After eight epic seasons, our watch is over. Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. For so long, winter was coming and now it’s here to stay, complete with a Game of Thrones-shaped hole in our hearts. So, what does this mean? A) We all need a new TV show to binge. B) We have roughly an extra three hours (viewing time + debrief chats) back in our week and we need to fill the void. While we can’t give you more Game of Thrones, we can give you plenty of distractions. Here’s a list of experiences to keep you busy during this difficult time…

Wine Blending Class and Degustation with Wine at d’Arenberg
Enjoy a feast worthy of the halls of Winterfell

There was no shortage of feasts on Game of Thrones (granted, not all of them ended well) but it seems fitting to send off the show with a banquet fit for a King (or Queen). We’re talking about a ‘wear an elastic waistband and order at least three courses’ type of meal… While the type of cuisine is up to you, you can’t go wrong with something warm and hearty. Bonus points if you can secure a table by a fireplace.

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Raise a toast to Westeros

Channel your inner Cersei Lannister and go on a winery tour. We feel a weekend spent in the Hunter, Yarra or Barossa Valley should provide sufficient distraction. For those looking to suitably commemorate the occasion, you could always create your own drop of Dornish Red or Arbour Gold with a wine blending experience.

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Inside of a tipi tent with dinner setting and fireplace
Plan a snow trip

If you like the idea of snow but haven’t mastered the art of traversing it gracefully with skis or a snowboard attached to your body, this experience is for you. You’ll feel as rugged up as a wilding as you strap on your snowshoes and begin your sunset trek through the snow gums. After a short stroll (it’s nothing like scaling the Wall, we promise) you’ll get to warm your bones with homemade mulled wine followed by a delicious dinner of soup, French cheese fondue and cake in a cosy tipi.

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Jet fighter plane in mid-air
Learn how to fly (you’ll have to just imagine the dragon)

Look, it’s tough to know exactly what it’s like to ride a dragon, so we’ve given you two options. To begin with, it’s probably closest to a Jet Fighter flight, seeing as you reach speeds of up to 910km/h (standard dragon cruising speed). Once you’ve got a few flights under your belt, you’ll probably have a bit more control, so for the practised flyers, perhaps the glider is a more accurate representation.

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Girl riding horse
Get back on the horse

While we apologise for our lack of dragon related experiences, we’ve got you covered when it comes to horse riding. Even if you’re a complete beginner, don’t stress you’ll be ready to charge with the cavalry in no time.

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Black and white arrow from a bow
Brush up on your sabre and archery skills

You’ve probably never thought of trying your hand at sabre fencing or archery before, but how do you know it’s not about to be your new favourite hobby? If Arya Stark can master it, why can’t you?

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Girl wearing flower crown and looking at the sea
Make your own (flower) crown

Think you have what it takes to be King or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms? Make your own crown. A far easier and safer option to secure your reign over Westeros if you ask us.

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