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Most experiences are better with your BFF by your side. Let’s be honest, high tea for one just isn’t quite the same… Even with thrilling experiences like skydiving or shark diving, it’s always better to have someone’s hand to hold. There’s also the fact that you need someone there to capture the content for your Insta stories, because if it’s not on social media, did it really happen? Here is some inspiration for new activities to try together on your next catch-up.

The Langham Sydney
Plan a trip

It’s easy to find time to grab a coffee with your best friend. But it can be harder to lock in quality catch-ups like a weekend away or even a holiday. Our advice? Pick a weekend, or submit a leave request and start planning a getaway. You could escape winter and head north or embrace the cool weather and enjoy a cosy escape to Tasmania – it doesn’t really matter where you go!

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Alice in wonderland high tea cocktail party
Treat yourself to a fun night out

Do you and your BFF do payday dinners once a month? Next time instead of grabbing the usual pub grub, treat yourselves to something special (and by special, we don’t always mean really expensive!). Browse our incredible range of dining experiences below.

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Floral arrangement workshop
Get creative

From floral arrangement to perfume making classes, there are loads of ways to get creative. Got a quiet weekend coming up? Plan to learn something new together.

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Two people Shark Diving at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Tick something off your bucket list

Skydiving is on most people’s bucket list and it’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget. But your bucket list experience doesn’t have to involve jumping out of a plane. It might be something like doing the Roar ‘N’ Snore where you get to sleep at Melbourne Zoo, or you’re looking for a slightly scarier animal experience, you could try diving with sharks. It’s always easier to face a fear with a friend by your side!

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People watching a whale from a boat
Have a whale of a time together

This one might also fall under the bucket list experiences for some – but if you’ve never been on a whale watching cruise, it really should be on your to-do list. Seeing these amazing creatures in the wild is truly a sight to behold and an awesome experience to share with your bestie.

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People in a BBQ boat on a river cruise

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