Customer review: Rainbow Beach horse ride

by Elisa Parry

Looking for a unique gift idea for someone that loves animals and the outdoors? The Rainbow beach horse riding experience is very popular for birthday and anniversary gifts. Read about Lucy’s experience below.

"Rainbow Beach horse riding experience was gifted to me from my partner for an anniversary. The booking was easy, prompt and excellent service from the start. There was never a doubt about where we had to be, what time, what to bring etc. The before-ride service was without flaw!


“We arrived at the stables to be greeted by Helen & Kayla (our ride leaders). They were super friendly and immediately made us feel at ease. Everything was explained in an easy to follow matter for everyone.

“Our ride was a small group which allowed our guides to focus on providing us our great experience! There was an opportunity for experienced rides to have some fun along the beach at a faster pace whilst those who wanted to keep at a walk were able to.


“We could take the horses to the water or stay on the beach. The horses are receptive to commands and super easy to ride for any level of rider and you can tell they are well looked after. I loved this ride and would absolutely go again in addition to recommending it to anyone who visits!” Lucy, 08/01/19.

Sound like something you or someone you know would like to try? Book below.

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