Christmas gifts for teens

by Elisa Parry

Don’t know what to buy your niece? Is your 15-year-old son obsessed with video games? This Christmas, break with tradition and instead of buying the teenagers in your family more stuff, gift them an experience they’ll love. You could go for something iconic like a Sydney Bridge Climb or something Insta-worthy like a glamping adventure. We have loads of experiences with guaranteed wow-factor. Here are a few options to get you started.

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Virtual reality escape room

Once you put the VR goggles on you’ll be transported into a whole new world. It’s like stepping inside a video game and you’ll have to work together to beat the baddies and save the universe.

Escape room experience

If the idea of VR googles is a little too much, an escape room experience is a really fun way to spend an afternoon as a family. You’ll need your problem-solving hat on so you can crack the clues and beat the clock.

Flying trapeze workshop

Help them unleash their inner gymnast in this fun and informative trapeze workshop. They’ll be flying through the air and be a master of aerial acrobatics in no time.

Smartphone creative photography course

Chances are they are obsessed with Instagram, so why not help them improve their smart phone photography skills with this photography course. Because did it even happen if it’s not on Instagram?

Jetpack or flyboard experience

Gift them the chance to channel their inner superhero and fly over the water with a jetpack or flyboard experience. This is insanely fun and you can guarantee they’ll have the time of their lives learning how to fly!

Gift a glamping experience

Take the family glamping – enjoy all the fun of getting back to nature without all the hassle. Your luxury tent will be set up for you when you arrive so you can simply kick back and relax with each other. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Paintball experience

Gift them and three friends the chance to try paintball. The adrenaline will be pumping as they hit the course and try and outwit their opponents. Spectators are welcome so you can watch the fun unfold.

Dive with sharks

Are they a thrill seeker? Would they dare dive in the shark tank? This is an awesome experience for animal lovers and one they certainly won’t forget in a hurry!

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