Beer and Cheese Experience

by Ben Upton

Life is full of simple pleasures. We all have our own little favourite things that make us happy. Mine are chocolate, Pepsi (no Coca-Cola here thanks!), music, beer and cheese.

But who would have thought that beer and cheese actually go together. Wine and cheese, yes. Beer and pizza, of course. But beer and cheese?

Not until I attended the amazing Australian Beer and Cheese Experience with my wife, did I ever think that beer and cheese would go hand in hand. Let me tell you, they most certainly do.

We arrived at the Australian Hotel a little early, so we decided to have a pre-drink before the experience commenced. Greeted with one of Sydney’s biggest range of beers, I chose an Australian Ale, eagerly awaiting the start of the tasting. Soon after we had finished tasting one of Australia’s finest, others started arriving, and it was time to start tasting.

Beer and cheese

The Australian Hotel

cheese platter

Our cheese platter

When seated, we were presented with a plate full of cheese. Resting at room temperature, the best of the cheeses (the gooey ones) were melting almost as much as my mouth. Along with the cheeses, we were given a menu with specifics on what each of the cheeses were and where they came from.

Throughout the night we made our way around the plate of beautiful cheeses. Some hard, some soft, some with the smell of beautiful country air and other that smelt like feet – as my wife kindly noted.

Along with each cheese we were given a matching Aussie beer. They provided a wonderful range of beers that covered all styles including lagers, ales, stouts and pilsners. With each tasting, the experience hosts gave us some history on what we were tasting, where it originated and why they go so well together.

A wonderful night, with a group of great people and very knowledgeable hosts.  We cannot wait to get back and do it all over again.

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