Bad Driving Habits

by Trisha Mee

We all know about the dangers of texting and talking on our mobile phone while driving, and we’ve all  seen the advertising campaigns urging us to stop doing it, but there appears to be a quite a few other dangerous and rather weird things people do while they drive that these campaigns don’t cover off. Here are just ten of them and it’s enough to make you want to take public transport.

1. Brushing their teeth

You may be wondering how the spitting out step in brushing one’s teeth works. The answer is dry brushing. No paste, no water and apparently no time to get this three minute morning ritual done before leaving the house.

2. Putting on makeup

A little moisturiser, primer, apply foundation, set with powder, add a little blush. Change lanes. Feather strokes to fill in the eyebrows, layer and blend eyeshadow, then a slick of eyeliner. Merge. Curl eyelashes, and finish with mascara. Red light. Lip liner done! Accelerate. Lipstick goes on. Park with one hand while the other applies gloss. Idiot.

3. Eating

When we eat we’re usually seated in front of something be it across the table from a friend or family member, perhaps in front of the TV or a movie screen or front row at a sporting event. However, sitting with a steering wheel directly in front of you is not the opportune time to tuck into a bowl of noodles.

4. Steering with their knees

Your knees can not fill in as steering substitutes because your hands are busy holding a burger, a phone or because you’re too tired to lift them up. Which by the way, is probably a good sign that you shouldn’t be driving.

5. Reading

A newspaper opened up on the passenger seat and a book stuck to the steering wheel - it seems people will go to great lengths to get in their reading time. Whatever happened to reading in bed, at the kitchen table or while on the loo?

6. Shaving their beard or legs

Besides the danger involved, we don’t even want to think about the mess. Beard hair in the bathroom sink or leg hair stubble in the bath is bad enough, but in the car? Just eww.

7. Changing clothes

Heading to the gym straight from work? Rather than change at the office where it’s quicker and easier to do so, not to mention where you’re not placing anyone’s life at risk, many people are using the confines of their car as mobile changing rooms.

8. Using a laptop

New technology allows us to work from just about anywhere and this also includes from our car. However this is somewhat of an issue if the car is A, moving and B, you’re the one that’s driving.

9. Watching a movie or series

Catching up on Game Of Thrones while driving into work to avoid spoiler alerts is not a valid reason for breaking road rules.

10. Picking their nose

Hello, we can see you! Let us introduce you to glass. The concept behind it is that it’s see-through. As in you can see-through it. But more than likely, notorious nose pickers know this and they just don’t care.

If you really want to do something daring behind the wheel of the car, may we suggest a V8 hot lap, drifting or a rally driving experience. They are conducted in a safe and controlled environment, and the focus is on driving (as it should be).

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