Awesome Sustainable Christmas Gifts For 2022

Meg Draffin

Sustainable shopping has become a key consideration for both consumers and businesses. With the growing sentiment to be gentle on the planet, more and more people are conscious of what impact their choices and habits have on the rest of the world. When it comes to sustainability, even the smallest lifestyle changes can positively impact the environment, so it’s important to start somewhere.

Christmas, while a beautiful time of year, also sees high levels of waste and environmentally damaging decisions, with vast amounts of gift-giving and wrapping paper usage. With this in mind, many people are now looking to shop sustainably at Christmas and opt for eco-friendly Christmas gifts for their loved ones. While sustainability is a journey for us rather than a destination, at RedBalloon, we believe strongly in the sentiment of ‘less stuff, more stories’. Our responsible range presents various sustainable Christmas gift ideas that are both thoughtful and environmentally conscious.

Treetop ropes course Pennant Hills

Treetop Adventure

Buying sustainable Christmas gifts doesn’t mean compromising the quality of the present. Eco-friendly Christmas presents can be equally, if not more, unique and personal. In terms of sustainable presents, we always recommend activities that take sustainable measures and encourage health and wellness benefits. Our top pick is a treetop adventure experience. Tree top adventures are perfect if you’re Christmas shopping for a child or teenager who would love to spend the day up in the trees, experiencing a range of different courses and activities. Not only is this outdoor activity exhilarating, but in regards to sustainability, the experience suppliers also cause minimal impact on their surroundings.

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WA: 1 hour kayak hire on the Swan River

Kayaking Tours

In a similar vein, kayaking tours are another outdoor activity that makes for an excellent sustainable Christmas gift. Not everyone loves heights or being in the forest, so kayaking would be a great gift for those who prefer the ocean to land. Getting out on the water can be a peaceful, relaxing experience and take your gift recipient to many beautiful destinations. Not to mention, kayaking is great for physical health and can provide a workout for the core and arms. No matter their physical ability or skill level, there is a kayaking experience to suit almost everyone. For beginners, a kayaking lesson might help them hone their skills, and for more confident kayakers, you might opt for a guided tour around some of the most stunning beaches.

Rather than renting a boat, if you’re looking for a more sustainable way for your gift recipient to explore the seas, kayaking is a great option. With few pieces of equipment required and that can be reused repeatedly, kayaking has minimal effect on the environment. Instead of a physical gift, give someone you love an eco-friendly Christmas gift and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Surfing lesson Bondi Beach

Surfing Lessons

Another aspect of sustainability is trying to limit the number of things we buy and reducing the cycle of consuming and disposing of items over a short period. That is why gifting experiences are so significant. Not only do they have minimal environmental impacts, but the memories also last forever. This also applies to learning a new skill. One of the best sustainable gifts is allowing someone to learn something new, like surfing. Surfing lessons are fun to do with a friend and are perfect for summertime. Not only will your gift recipient spend the day in the refreshing ocean, but they will also walk away with a brand new skill under their belt. Similar to kayaking, the equipment needed for surfing is simple, reusable and does not have harsh effects on its surroundings. All in all, surfing lessons make for an entertaining eco-friendly Christmas gift.

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aboriginal cultural tours

Aboriginal Culture Tours

Do you know someone special who would love to connect with Australia’s history and Indigenous culture? Australia has such a rich cultural heritage, and being able to learn about and engage with Indigenous traditions, music, and ceremonies would make such a beautiful gift for anyone. There is a range of amazing Aboriginal culture tours to experience, from smoking ceremonies to art tours, all of which take a sustainable approach and are run by organisations trying to operate in more eco-friendly ways. For those who love to be in nature, there are several tours and experiences that include guided walks of the communities, swimming in remote coastal areas, and lessons on native plant life. If you’re talking about sustainability, look no further than a cultural tour for your next eco-friendly Christmas gift.

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animal encounters

Animal Encounters

As part of our sustainability journey, we always acknowledge and appreciate experiences that promote mental health and physical well-being. Helping individuals stay well and be amongst nature is beautiful and certainly falls into the ethos behind our responsible range. A favourite and one of the best sustainable gift ideas is an animal encounter. While upkeep and resources are required to maintain animal experiences, the encouragement of people to be amongst nature and to take care of animals is something that, in itself, is extremely important for the environment. This Christmas, if you have a loved one who loves animals, instead of giving them an object, like a book about wildlife or a piece of animal-related memorabilia, why not give them a chance to be with animals and learn more about their natural habitats?

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Sustainable shopping isn’t always easy, but we all have to start somewhere. Small steps may seem insignificant, but in reality, that is how we help our planet in the long term. For more sustainable Christmas gift ideas, discover the awesome experience in our responsible range.

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