Top 30 things to do during Summer

Lorena Dominguez

Welcome to the season of sun-kissed days and warm breezy nights! Summer is here and is the much-anticipated respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is the perfect time to indulge in activities that you would not normally do. During the Summer season, you can relish the freedom to explore the Aussie backyard and make the most of your holiday. Whether you’re beach bum, an adventure seeker or someone who is simply looking for a break, we’ve got you covered.  

We’ve curated the top 30 things to do during the summer season based on real customer ratings and reviews!

Dive into the deep blue

Scuba diving and snorkelling will unlock the mysteries of the underwater world, explore the Aussie vibrant reefs, and fascinating marine life.  

For those who prefer a leisurely pace, hop into a kayak or canoe and let the gentle waves be your guide. It’s a peaceful way to explore the open water, where each paddle stroke is a stroke of serenity. Summer was made for easy-breezy aquatic adventures!

If you’re looking for thrill jet boating is the ideal experience. It is all about holding on tight and screaming with exhilaration as you bump over the waves at unbelievable speeds.

Pick up a new hobby this season, embrace the world of surf. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to finesse your skills or a beginner finding your sea legs. Paddle boarding is also a great option for those who are looking for a slower paced activity on the water. 

Set sail into the open waters and be captivated by the beauty of the Aussie coastline. Glide gracefully across the water and experience the ultimate sense of freedom and connection to the sea. 

Experience the sheer joy of defying gravity and soaring through the sky with parasailing – an experience that combines the thrill of flight and bird’s-eye view of the ocean.  

Soar & Explore

Where the thrill of aviation meets the magic of water landings – seaplane flights are your ticket to a new perspective of the world below. Soar over the Australian red outback, lush green landscapes, or crystal-clear waters. 

Tick off your bucket list with skydiving this summer, it is the ultimate combination of thrill and an unparalleled experience that defies both gravity and fear.  

Ever dreamt of a unique perspective? Helicopter flights offer just that, giving you a bird’s-eye view like no other. And for our serious Heli fans, why not take things up a notch? Grab the controls and helicopter lessons – because summer dreams are meant to be sky-high! 

Experience the magic of soaring over a changing landscape at sunrise in a hot air balloon. Drift into the serene enchantment flying, watch the world unfold beneath you.  

Go nose-to-nose with the animal kingdom!

Imagine swimming with dolphins? Share the pristine waters with playful wild dolphins, immerse yourself in breath-taking world of bow-surfing wild dolphins as you are gently pulled through the water amid their pods.  

Get ready to go nose-to-nose with a cast of characters from the animal kingdom! Our aquarium and zoo experiences are your ticket to up-close encounters with a menagerie of fascinating creatures. It’s a summer safari without leaving the city – where every exhibit tells a tale and every animal is a star! 

Are you brave enough to come face-to-face with a shark? Snorkel with sharks in South Australia. Dive into the Shipwreck Coast with sharks, stingrays, turtles and hundreds of stunning fish.  

Saddle up, follow the trail and enter the world of horse riding. You could be trotting across tranquil valleys, riding along picturesque trails or even cantering on deserted beaches. There are even trails for kids 

Thrill-seekers paradise

Hold onto your sunhats because a bridge climbing is not just an adventure – it’s THE adventure! Soar to new heights with 360-degree views that’ll leave you breathless. It is perfect for guests visiting Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania 

Ditch the ordinary and swing, swoop, and fly your way through a day that’ll make even the  green with envy. Whether it’s a flying fox or a treetop adventures, buckle up for a thrill ride that’ll have you shouting, “Summer, here I come!” 

Bungee jumping will give you an incomparable feeling of sheer elation as your freefall at the end of a long elastic cord. It is not for the faint hearted so be ready for a serious thrill you will never forget.  

Get ready to kick up some dust and explore the unbeaten path with our exhilarating mountain bikesRoar through changing landscapes, conquer rugged terrains, and soak in the scenery while honing your bush riding skills. All this under the expert guidance of a professional – it’s not just a tour; it’s a summer adventure on two wheels! 

Sip & Savour this Summer

Spice up your summer by expanding your culinary repertoire! Join our cooking classes where sizzling pans and laughter go hand in hand. Impress your guests at the next dinner party with newfound skills and mouth watering dishes. It’s not just cooking; it’s a summer adventure for your taste buds! 

From sunrise to sunset, indulge in a feast of culinary delights! Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, decadent degustation lunches, fine dining, or wallet-friendly eats – treat yourself to a degustation menu at the Botanic House in Sydney! 

Embark on a grape-filled escapade with our wine appreciation course and winery tours After swirling, sniffing, and sipping your way through tastings, you’ll never mix up ‘fruity’ and ‘woody’ again! Let the magic of wine tasting change your perception forever – it’s like a summer love affair with every sip. 

Prepare for a taste bud tango with our food tasting experiences and culinary tours! Dive into top-notch restaurants or get lost in the lively hustle of a summer food market. Every bite tells a story, and this summer, your taste buds are in for a wild, flavourful ride! 

Explore nature’s playground

Grab your mates, dust off those clubs, and hit the greens for a round of golf or make it a golfing weekend! Perfect your swing and show off your putting prowess with some serious lessons from a golfing pro.

Trekking through the bush has never been this exciting! Get your summer kicks on a bushwalking tour where every step unveils breathtaking scenery that’ll make you stop and say, “Wow!” Whether you’re hiking through leafy wonders, tackling rugged terrain, or floating along tranquil waterways – Mother Nature’s summer playground is waiting for you! 

Embark on a journey of scenic, historic, and cultural delights with our day tours that cater to every summer thrill-seeker! Dive into the depths with a guided snorkelling tour, cruise through scenic wilderness, take a sightseeing adventure, or step back in time with a historical day trip.  

Delve into the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture tours with our immersive tours. It’s not just a history lesson; it’s a celebration of traditions, music, and dance ceremonies. Experience the magic of tree smoking ceremonies and uncover the fascinating stories that weave through Australia’s cultural fabric. 

Summer’s calling, and the outdoors are ready to play! Make this season unforgettable with adventures that scream fun, creativity, and memories that sparkle like sun-kissed waves. Let the summer escapades begin! 

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