Ultimate Summer Staycation Guide

Lorena Dominguez

We are all after a well-deserved break this Summer and as some of us are unable to travel overseas, we have curated a staycation guide that will allow everyone to recharge. In Australia we have been blessed with so many amazing places from crystal clear beaches, green vineyards and large uncultivated bush areas.  

We’ve put together staycation ideas and listed some of the nation’s most beautiful holiday spots by location. 

Let’s get into it 

Hidden cabins

Did you know taking a vacation and getting into nature improves well-being? Uncluttering your mind allows you to think more clearly and boost creativity. This can happen in both small and big ways while on vacation.  

Make the most of your staycation by staying at one of our tiny homes. The cabins are designed with the scientific benefits of escaping to nature in mind. With a luxurious bed and bedding, cooking equipment, bush walks and depending on the cabin, yoga mats and a mini book library to help you unwind. Escape for two nights in Kangaroo Valley NSW, in a peaceful secluded cabin. 

Beach getaways

Often, we overlook the hidden treasures in our own country. A staycation provides the opportunity to rediscover local gems. Swap the hustle and bustle for sand sun and swimming. Coastal and beach getaways are the solution for an unforgettable staycation. Whether you are looking for something family friendly or a romantic escape, holidays by the beach will impress all.

Amongst a pristine and untouched environment just over an hour’s drive south of Broome WA, the Eco Tent Adventure Package provides a memorable and unique wilderness/beach experience.


For those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and nature, the trend of Glamping and camping holidays is the answer. Australia with its diverse landscapes and breathtaking scenery, provides an ideal backdrop for a glamping experience that promises not just comfort but also an intimate connection with the great outdoors.

Reset your senses and stay in Mudgee NSW for a relaxing stay in a luxurious bell tent. Nestled on a 320-acre sheep property, your tent offers blissful seclusion with uninterrupted views of the stunning landscape that surrounds.

Spa & Wellness Retreats

A spa and wellness getaway are a transformative experience that will allow you to nurture your physical body, mind and spirit.

A relaxing massage, blissful day of pampering, a fresh haircut, a style overhaul or all the above? Sneak away and enjoy a midweek getaway. Rejuvenate at the hot springs then unwind in a beautiful, appointed hotel room before breakfast the next morning.

Pack your bags, leave the stresses behind, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Golf Escapes

For enthusiasts of the fairway and the perfect swing, Australia is home to some of pristine golf courses. A golfing escape  is an immersive experience that combines world-class golfing with stunning landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and a dash of adventure.

Complete the 18 Hole Golf Experience at Cypress Lakes Golf Club, located in the beautiful wine district of the Hunter Valley is this picturesque, championship golf course that is ranked among the top resort courses in Australia.

In summary 1) Don’t forget to treat this like a normal vacation. 2) Disrupt your routine. 3) Get outside. 5) Pamper yourself and 5) Be flexible. A staycation can be more exciting than a few extra days of watching Netflix at home. Become a tourist in your backyard and make this Summer memorable.

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