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Skydiving Rottnest Island

Experience breathtaking views of Perth’s coastline with skydiving Rottnest Island. With our jumps ranging from 8,000ft through to 15,000ft, you’ll find the perfect thrilling skydiving Rottnest experience for you! There is no better way to take in the beauty of the WA island then from up high before landing on the pristine white sand beach. Explore RedBalloon’s range of Rottnest Island skydives today!

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Rottnest Island skydive experiences

Rottnest Island, just offshore from Perth, is a nature reserve and pristine paradise of white-sand beaches and turquoise waters like no other. It is only 19 square kilometres, but makes a massive impact on visitors, which peak in numbers of 15,000 during high season. What if you could capture the island’s amazing views with a skydiving experience at a jump altitude between 8,000 and 15,000 feet, followed by a spectacular beach landing?

RedBalloon makes your Western Australian island-skydive dreams come true with a range of packages for learners to more experienced skydivers. Hit the heights and take it to the limit with a Tandem Skydive Over Rottnest Island, 15,000-feet package.

After your safety briefing and spectacular scenic flight, prepare to jump from your aircraft, coasting at speeds of up to 200km per hour. But you’ll be strapped to your experienced instructor who will be with you all the way.  You’ll experience an unprecedented 66-second free fall from this elevated altitude, followed by a full five minutes in the sky, floating blissfully under your parachute canopy. As you absorb the azure waters and white-sand beaches below, you’ll never want the visual splendour to end. But RedBalloon has saved the best until last with the softest of beach landings that still won’t bring you back to earth in this unforgettable island skydive. Enjoy a complimentary drink afterwards at Thomsons to toast your sky-high success. This unique skydiving package also includes a complimentary hop-on, hop-off Island Explorer bus ticket for you to take your time and soak up Rottnest Island’s pristine natural beauty.

If you’re learning to skydive, vertically challenged or would prefer to view Rottnest at closer range, the Tandem Skydive Over Rottnest Island from 8000 feet is the package for you. Your free fall will be a reassuring 20 seconds from this jump altitude, but you’ll still have five minutes of floating time to absorb the breathtaking views. And of course your beach landing will be picture perfect and sandy soft. RedBalloon offers a range of skydiving deals that put the realm of island skydiving within reach. Packages include many extras, including your Australian Parachute Federation Levy.

How much do you have to weigh to go skydiving in Rottnest?

The weight restriction for a Rottnest Island skydive experience is a maximum of 95kg. As with RedBalloon’s emphasis on all areas of personal health, height limits and safety prior to your jump, participants who weigh more than 95kg will be assessed on an individual basis. Enclosed shoes are also required for the island skydiving experience. There are pairs available should you forget yours on the day, but please don’t forget to pack your own socks. Sunglasses to wear for glare on your flight and sunscreen to combat UV rays are also recommended. A video and photo package will also be offered for purchase directly following the big event.

How do you land when skydiving?

Fairly rapidly, at a speed of around 28 kilometres per hour, depending on your jump altitude, but always softly is the most accurate response in describing the landing process. When you skydive over Rottnest Island, you can be assured of landing on the beach. The white sands are powder soft and your feet will barely scrape the surface. Even after your landing, you’ll still be floating on Cloud Nine, such is the ethereal rush of a skydiving experience when you book with RedBalloon.

How far do skydivers jump from?

The choice is yours. Skydivers over Rottnest Island can choose to jump from altitudes of 8,000, 10,000 or the ultimate high of 15,000-feet when they book a skydiving experience with RedBalloon.

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