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Skydiving Rockingham

With Skydiving Rockingham, you’ll enjoy the ultimate thrill with spectacular views on the way down before coming in to your beach landing. With our range of tandem skydives, experiences for you and your plus one to do together and even a proposal package, you’ll find the perfect skydive in Rockingham for you!

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Skydive over Rockingham, Perth

Skydivers in Western Australia truly experience views to dive for. The supremacy of the western coastline, coupled with the rugged landscapes earthy tones and striking city views make for a skydiving experience to remember. You’ll feel like you’re plunging into your own coastal portrait when you embark on a skydive experience at Rockingham Beach. This breathtaking location is the closest beach skydive drop zone to the Perth CBD — and is easily accessible within a 40-minute drive.

RedBalloon knows you’ll be over the moon when you book a skydiving Rockingham experience and offers a range of weekend and weekday packages. The Skydive Over The Beach, 15,000 feet, Rockingham package is a half-day activity that will see you scaling new heights, in terms of personal challenges and breathtaking views. You’ll be fully briefed by expert skydiving instructors on arrival. Then suit up before soaking up the 20-minute scenic flight, high above the spectacular WA coastline, taking in views from the Perth city skyline to natural splendours of Rottnest Island. Before you know it, you’ll take the plunge from your moving aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, for a life-affirming 60-second free fall. You’ll hit the air running.

Immediately following this personal epiphany, your instructor will reassuringly release the parachute canopy as you both float on high for a full seven minutes. Your dream drop zone is directly on the golden sands of stunning Rockingham Beach. If the adrenaline rush following this unforgettable experience does not renew your enjoyment of life, RedBalloon and skydivers the world over would be highly surprised. The consensus from reviewer feedback is that skydiving over Rockingham Beach is overwhelmingly awe-inspiring. Adjectives such as “awesome”, “best experience ever”, “the most amazing” and even “wicked buzz” are peppered throughout a long list of skydiver commentary. The majority outcome equates to endless gratitude and high-flying exhilaration from skydivers who have lived the dream with a RedBalloon skydiving experience.

Looking to pop the question in sky-high style? RedBalloon’s Proposal Package Skydive Over The Beach Rockingham helps lift everlasting love up where it belongs. This lifetime experience includes tandem skydives for the lovebirds, use of a “Will you marry me?” banner to proudly display as your beloved comes in for his or her beach landing and, of course, a bottle of champagne and gold-class video and photo package to celebrate and forever capture the memorable event. RedBalloon gift vouchers are also an ideal way to realise the dream of a tandem skydive experience at Rockingham, or other spectacular drop zones throughout Australia.

All vouchers are valid for 5 years, can be instantly emailed to the receiver or dispatched as a surprise delivery in a striking red envelope gift pack. Prior to and, importantly, on the day of your skydive, RedBalloon requests and recommends the following tips and instructions:

  • Skydivers must be a minimum age of 16 years. A parent or guardian is required to sign paperwork on the day of the event if the skydiver is aged between 16 and 18 years.
  • Your Australian Parachute Levy and use of all equipment is included in your skydiving package.
  • Alcohol and other recreational substances must not be consumed within eight hours of your skydive activity.
  • Make sure you bring all necessary confirmation notification and photo ID. Also be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • DVD and photograph packages can be purchased on the day of your skydive.

Skydiving does not take place in rainy weather, so postponement arrangements will be made in this event. Conversely, more than 48 hours’ notice is required, should you need to reschedule your skydiving activity. Fees apply if a booking is altered within 48 hours. Refunds for no shows or late arrivals will only be provided in the event of sufficient evidence to explain your absence.

What is the maximum height you can skydive from?

The highest altitude from which to skydive with RedBalloon is 15,000 feet and once you ascend such lofty heights, you’ll realise how sky high it is from the vantage point of this vista. The world below will become a mere speck to plunge into on your gravity-defying skydiving experience. Once you complete your exhilarating free fall of up to 60 seconds, tandem skydivers will enjoy a full seven minutes under their parachute canopy to realise the full scope of their elevated position and bring the land and seascape back to life.

Does skydiving in Rockingham have a weight limit?

There is a weight limit, but many with adventurous spirits usually fall within the range. Surcharges are also attached to certain weights in order to make the skydiving dream a reality for most. The maximum weight for a RedBalloon skydiving activity is 110kg. If your weight exceeds 95kg and 105kg, increasing surcharges have been structured into the cost to make the experience as comfortable, achievable, perfectly balanced and addictive as possible.

How fast do you land when skydiving?

From a 15,000-feet skydiving experience, the speed of descent is generally 28km per hour. This may sound like a speedy landing pace, but the soft beach drop zone at Rockingham will comfortably cushion the blow and bring you back to Earth in effortless comfort and style. Before you know it, you’ll yearn to be up, up and away again for the spectacular views, exhilarating free fall and dreamy descent. In other words, the adrenaline rush immediately following your tandem skydiving experience is so intense that your feet will barely touch the ground.

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