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RedBalloon Staff Product Reviews
Felt like a big kid again

5 stars

Candice | RedBalloon Office Manager

How amazing this experience is. If only I knew how much fun it was and I would have bought more rides!! From the start when you get in the gondola to the end when you have finished your last lap of the luge, it is so much fun! It made me feel like a big kid again, and the views... WOW!!!! Great experience for all ages and all levels of confidence! 

P.S - the photo is legit... The. Best. View.

PRODUCT: Scenic Gondola and Luge Adventure

Beyond this world

5 stars

Yoni | Customer Experience Consultant 

One of the best experiences I've ever done! The staff were hospitable, the food was delicious and with amazing variety. And the accommodation- breathtaking. The pictures cannot do it justice.

PRODUCT: Seaplane Flight and Overnight Stay at Jonah's - For 2

Fab, fast and FUN!

5 stars

Kay | Business Development Manager

Awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The team at the venue were just amazing - genuinely wanted to ensure everyone had a great time and couldn't do enough for us. Pretty impressed with my driving skills overall, not sure the instructor felt the same way during my spin out haaa! Great team building experience - will definitely recommend to others.

PRODUCT: Rally Car 10 Lap Drive and 1 Yamaha YXZ Hot Lap - NSW

So much fun!

5 stars

Kasey | RedBalloon Customer Experience Team Leader

I am not the type of person that wants to do actual skydiving, but this was so much fun! It was a lot easier than it looks. I went with my family and even my Dad loved it. We couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at each other. The best part was going right up to the top, so would definitely recommend getting the high fly package so you get to do that.

PRODUCT: High Fly Indoor Skydive Package - 2 Flights - Penrith

Art and Wine Lover's Dream

5 stars

Roxanne | RedBalloon Online Product Copywriter

Absolutely LOVED this experience. Have wanted to visit MONA for years as I'm a fan of contemporary art and wine of course, so I was stoked! My boyfriend and I loved the museum and the eclectic collection of works which range from installations, sculpture, historical artifacts, drawings, painting to video works and performance pieces. We were both very curious to explore this place that is as quirky as its famous owner, whose story definitely piqued our interest. But it isn't just the amazing art, friendly staff and wonderful grounds (that include a trampoline and peacocks) that make this experience fantastic it's the fact that from start to finish you're drawn into the glamorous, edgy yet darkly funny world that is MONA. Even the boat ride over is fab - the vessel is decked out in camo print and graffiti! The food was beautiful and so large we couldn't finish it! The wine tasting we did was amazing and the girls were so helpful! We got so carried away and didn't want to leave we missed the last boat out and had to catch a cab back to Hobart! A great day out and the highlight of my time in Hobart.

PRODUCT: Moorilla Wine Meets MONA Art Tour with Lunch - For 2