RedBalloon Flying Experiences Reviews

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RedBalloon Flying Experiences Reviews
Absolutely awesome!!!

5 stars

Glyn | Brisbane, QLD

My wife got me this as a gift for Father's Day and I loved every moment of it! It was the most awesome experience to fly hands on and just capture the most majestic views of the coast. Will definitely do it again. The pilot and staff were just super friendly and professional. Did lots of cool turns in the air and learnt about the general functions of the plane. The plane is a small one but still fantastic nonetheless. Noone could possibly be ever disappointed with this experience, it is absolutely worth it.

PRODUCT: Hands On Flying Lesson - 70 Minutes

Absolutely Breath Taking!

5 stars

Grace | Perth, WA

Loved our Northam hot air ballooning experience! It was fun, beautiful and a well run experience :) The weather gods turned it on for us and we had a breath taking sunrise and a gorgeous sunny morning! The team were efficient, informative and full of experience! The country side was beautiful- the canola crops along with all that greenery and a beautiful morning fog was picture perfect! Up there with one of the Best birthday gifts I have received!!!

PRODUCT: Hot Air Ballooning Over The Avon Valley - Weekdays

Loved it!

5 stars

Rockran | Auckland, NZ

Was a gift from my Wife and it was just incredible. My instructor was very enthusiastic, energetic and loved what she was doing, which made the experience all the more better. I highly recommend this to anyone who has had even the slightest itch of wondering what flying is like. The 162 is very easy to fly and you do get a lot of actual flight time. Can't wait to do this again.

PRODUCT: Learn To Fly in Auckland



Gliding introductory flight was amazing

5 stars

Alirio | Adelaide, SA

It was a fantastic experience. The pilot was great, he explained everything, made me feel comfortable, and provided and unforgettable flight. Lots of flips and turns. The place was easy to find following their indications. Great customer service.

PRODUCT: Gliding Introductory Flight - 3000ft - South Australia


Incredible experience! Must try

5 stars

Justin | Melbourne, VIC

It is difficult to explain the feeling without experiencing it - that feeling of the additional G-force is something else! Definitely gets the adrenaline going and absolutely loved every minute of it! The pilot was very professional and friendly and takes you through the most amazing stunts - once in a lifetime experience

PRODUCT: Warbird Aerobatic Flight - 25 Minutes - Barwon Heads

What a great way to see Sydney from the sky

5 stars

Sarah | Sydney, NSW

Thank you to the lovely staff and pilot at Bondi Helicopters. It was a great experience for my husband, 4 yr old son and I to have. The weather was perfect. We had a panoramic view of the city and coast. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

PRODUCT: Scenic Helicopter Flight Over Sydney - Weekend - 15 Minutes