Troy ~ 

Torquay and Bells Beach Scenic Helicopter Flight

I wanted to get an unforgettable experience for my partners birthday and surprise him with something special. Everything was perfect, from the view to the professionalism of our pilot Anton. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to spoil their loved one.

Diane ~ 

Mystery Flight Package For 2 - 2 Nights

The adventure was absolutely fantastic. Was the best adventure to have only known at the last minute where we were going, to Brisbane. Well done RedBalloon.

Chris ~ 

Dumpling Cooking Class

My wife and I went to cookling class as a wedding gift from work mates.This was a great experience the chef was great & made it fun. So much encouragement for a bloke that can only cook steak. My wife mastered it and learnt so much about different sauces. ended the class with a beer and dumplings. Definitely coming back to try a different cooking class

Emilie ~ 

Luxury Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne CBD Midweek - For 2

This experience was so unique and fun. It was a perfect mother and daughter getaway. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The tents are amazing, so luxurious and comfortable. There is heating and air con, electric blankets, free wifi & free bowling next door. Overall this experience was great and unforgettable!

Callum ~ 

Flyboard Experience - Introductory

Such a unique feel and experience, was a great thrill! The instructors are very helpful and the location is great! Definitely recommend for anyone up for an adventure and not afraid to fly about and maybe crash.

Simon ~ 

Ultimate Combat Flight Against a Friend - 30 Minutes - For 2

The team were great, they ran the session professionally, ensured everything was covered but still made sure it was all about the experience and having fun. We both throughly enjoyed ourselves, and my son who had never been up in a plane like this definitely wanted to do it again

Kaz ~ 

Hands on Trial Flight With Aerobatics

What an experience of a lifetime, an awesome 50th birthday gift from my family. From the moment we stepped on the tarmac I was taken through pre flight procedures. Before I knew it I was in control, taxing on the runway and taking off. I flew the whole way. What's an adventure without acrobatics... wow how exhilarating. I totally recommend this adventure of a lifetime.

Isabella ~ 

Skydive Over The Beach

This whole experience from start to finish was absolutely incredible! There is no feeling like it and I highly recommend it even if you are scared of heights! Take the jump, literally. INSANE - EXHILARATING – FREE

Carolyn ~ 

Hot Air Ballooning Over The Gold Coast

Exhilarating, never wanting this experience to end. Early dawn, the time for the sun to make its mark on the horizon. it was mesmerising. Climbing upwards above the layer of fog, the landscapes below were a sight to behold. I felt safe and comfortable throughout the entire flight. Thankyou... just awesome!!!