Why Gift an Experience? Q&A with Samantha Andison


Looking for some Christmas gifting inspiration? RedBalloon had the chance to sit down with @samantharose, an experience lover and the founder of Studio Sojourn, to chat about all things gifting!

@samantharose camping

What is your star sign?

Taurus! The Raging Bull.

@samantharose whale watching with friends

What’s Your Love Language?

Gift Giving

My love language has always been gift giving. It combines thought, action, time and generosity – I personally think it’s the most deliberate and considerate of all the languages.

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What is your earliest memory of a birthday gift that changed your life?

It wasn’t quite a birthday gift, but I was gifted a camera by a friend of mine. He had bought a new one and had seen how much I liked photography, so he gave me his old one. Without that gift, I don’t think my career would be where it is now – so that was definitely a life changing gift!

samantha andison whale watching with friends

What one experience you would put on your wishlist?

I’ve always wanted the courage to go skydiving.
So, I suppose gift #1 would be courage and #2 would be skydiving!

samantha andison camping

What’s one gift you’ll never tire of gifting?

Although most of my gifts are fairly personalised to the receiver, I do like to add a small scratchie into the mix. I am a firm believer that luck is on my side in life – so some day soon one of my friends or family will hopefully win big!

@samantharose camping

What is the favourite gift you’ve ever given? Why?

Off the back of covid and how it affected all our lives, my family and I decided to collectively pool our money during the festive seasons and put it all towards an experience or getaway that we could all enjoy together. Being able to spend time with family and create new memories is worth more than anything I could ever unwrap.

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Why gift an experience over stuff?

You get to experience your gift twice!
The initial excitement of unwrapping the gift is fantastic, and then mix that up with the anticipation of what’s to come, the buzz of the adventure, and the memory of the experience – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Unwrapping a gift is great, but unwrapping a memory is unbeatable.

We all have that one friend or family member who is tricky to buy for, has everything already and that makes us anxious to shop for. What would you recommend to ensure they are given something they’ll never forget?

My failsafe tip for gifting: getaways or wellness. I’ve never met a man or woman who didn’t love a weekend out of town, a nice spa day or a relaxing facial (and if they don’t, they’re weird so get them out of your life!).

Keen to see more from @samantharose? Check out her RedBalloon adventures on Instagram here. After some creative help? You can find her at Studio Sojourn.

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