naomi simson ready to soar

Are you ready to soar?

Considered one of Australia’s tech success stories, Naomi Simson founded RedBalloon in 2001. From just an idea and a lot of persistence, has now served more than three million customers. Naomi has many labels: entrepreneur, speaker, director, mother, author, blogger and innovator to name a few. Naomi is also a TV personality on Network TEN's Shark Tank, currently in its second season. Check out the products as seen on Shark Tank!

Naomi’s book “Live what you Love” is a best seller and her new book "Ready to Soar" is available to order now, below.

In the words of Naomi, "Remember, keep laughing, have fun and enjoy the ride. And get ready to soar!"


"Each person’s journey is different – there is no exact formula. I continued to run my consulting business for nine months after the launch of RedBalloon – taking on client work to fund the growth of the business, working on second-hand computers from home to keep the overheads low, and every dollar went into promoting the business, as did every spare minute. I remember the moment when it occurred to me that without love and attention this baby was never going to fly"