RedBalloon is Australia’s leading online experience retailer and home of ‘things to do’

We’ve been a trusted leader in the online retail space since 2001, after pioneering experiential gifting in Australia. We connect customers with almost 4000 unique and amazing experiences, sourced from more than 1500 business partners across Australia and New Zealand.

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings – born in the front room of Founder Naomi Simson's family home, with little more than a second hand computer, her canine companion Dexter and $25,000 in family savings. RedBalloon was an experiment to test whether a company could be successful simply by listening to its people and customers and delivering a great experience to both, and we remain committed to this 15 years on.

RedBalloon is the marketing partner of thousands of small businesses - we not only deliver customers but also provide business tools, education and digital marketing expertise to those listed with RedBalloon. When business partners are successful then so is RedBalloon. We're an Australian small business, supporting other small businesses and together we are all stronger.

It's never been harder to get a customer than it is today. When I started RedBalloon it cost five cents to acquire a customer. It now costs upwards of $20. And that's the same for every business, regardless of their size or business acumen. RedBalloon supports 1500 business owners nationally to help find and keep these customers. They don't have to be experts in marketing or merchandising or SEO - they just have to deliver a great experience to their customers and we will do the rest. We've delivered 3.5 million customers to our business partners. That’s the real impact we’re making and that’s why RedBalloon is an important voice for the millions of small business owners across this country."

David Anderson, CEO

After 8 years as an IT Management Consultant, David plunged head first into the deep ‘soapy’ water of entrepreneurship starting in Australia to eventually running the global business IMO Car Wash and washing 34 million cars across the globe each year. After a successful exit, David’s relentless commitment to the customer experience brought him to Redii. First as a consultant and now as CEO. 

Why RedBalloon?

In April 2017, already in the role of Redii CEO, David took the courageous leap of getting deeper into the Big Red Group (BRG) and partnership with founder Naomi Simson. David is incredibly excited to be joining and leading the RedBalloon team as part of the BRG, as they continue 15 years of great work delivering memorable experiences and supporting Australia's small business community. 

Naomi Simson, Founder

We know her from Channel Ten’s Shark Tank and as the best selling author of 'Live What You Love' and 'Ready to Soar'. But she has many labels: entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker, innovator and a passionate individual to name a few.

Naomi founded one of Australia’s best tech success stories, RedBalloon, in 2001. As the marketing partner of thousands of ‘things to do’ businesses, RedBalloon has delivered more than 3.5 million customers to more than 1500 businesses across Australia. Before founding RedBalloon Naomi worked as a marketer with a number of big corporate brands, which influenced her views on workplaces and led her to become a champion of great employee experience. So in 2015 the employee reward and recognition platform was born out of RedBalloon - with a vision to support other SME’s to grow, through harnessing the power of their greatest asset, their people.

Naomi has written more than 1000 blogs posts at and is ranked in the world's top LinkedIn Influencers with almost 2 million followers.

We had the cars and RedBalloon was our highway; accelerating our expansion and encouraging us to invest to make the experience available Australia-wide. Thanks to RedBalloon's marketing savvy... in the last decade we’ve built 27 cars, contracted over 200 professional instructors and 500 part-time employees, delivering the 70,000 experiences our clients have purchased through RedBalloon. It’s hard to really measure the economic contribution of RedBalloon to our business.

For all media inquiries, please contact RedBalloon Corporate Affairs Manager Lauren Gleeson | 02 8755 0034

The Big Red Group

The Big Red Group is a holding company and management entity for RedBalloon,, Wrapped, and The Huddle. These entities share resources, platforms and audiences with the goal of creating incredible value for business owners. What we sell inspires leadership, great workplaces and commercial outcomes for our clients and investors. What we create is transparent and transportable.

What we stand for

  • The foundation of economic growth and innovation is delivered by business owners
  • Employee wellbeing is a powerful and measurable engagement driver and if business owners have the right tools they can be better employers
  • Great employee experience, is mirrored in great customer experience - and that is what drives commercial success
  • Marketing and customer acquisition for business owners is increasingly difficult
  • Business owners often struggle to get representation with retailers and as such experience difficulty in bringing new products to market
  • Business owners need to continually learn to stay competitive and grow their business, and what we learn is better shared
  • Business ownership can be a lonely journey and peers and networks can be a great enabler and support
  • Data, systems and processes deliver scale and commercial value to investors and clients
  • Our platforms and businesses will provide insights, analytics and influence
  • We say it we do it! Our mantra is ‘If it is meant to be it is up to me.’

Why we do what we do

  • When we support business owners we support their financial well-being, which in turn leads to economic growth for all
  • Thriving businesses are made from collaborative cultures
  • We want business owner to ‘be the best version of themselves’ and feel safe in the partnership and know we will deliver them commercial outcomes
  • Create better communities
  • Business ownership is integral to overall wellbeing