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Indoor skydiving Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast indoor skydives are temporarily unavailable but will be back soon! If you’re looking for the ultimate action-packed experience in the Gold Coast, indoor skydiving is perfect for everyone! Located on Surfers Paradise, our packages range from 2 flights through to 10 flights as well as virtual reality flights for those up for the newest experience! Whether you’re looking for something to entertain the kids or want to gift a fun exciting experience, the indoor skydiving Gold Coast flights from RedBalloon are the way to go!

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2 Results
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Indoor skydives Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for being home for fun experiences and must-do activities for the whole family. It makes it the perfect location for the state of the art indoor skydiving facility located on Surfers Paradise. Indoor skydiving has been taking the world by storm because it is the perfect activity for people of all ages starting from 3 years old. Being able to experience the rush of a free fall from 14,000 feet without having to jump out of a plane or conquer the fear of heights is what makes this experience so attractive to most. You’re able to enjoy the thrill of skydiving within the wind tunnel and under the guidance of your professional instructors who will teach you everything you need to know, making you a pro in no time.

RedBalloon’s range of packages available at the ifly surfers paradise facility has something for everyone. If it’s your first time and you want to learn the basic tips and tricks then a 2 flight intro experience is perfect for you. You’ll enjoy a training session as well as a hands on personal assistance from your instructor in the fully controlled and ultra safe environment of the glass tunnel. You’ll be nailing all the positions and tricks in no time and it’ll help you build up the confidence to try an outdoor skydive one day, especially with all the amazing skydiving Gold Coast experiences on offer at RedBalloon that you have to tick off!

If you’ve already mastered the ifly indoor skydiving flights, then it’s time to step up your game and try something new… a virtual reality indoor skydive! This extraordinary new body flight experience will feel like your base jumping, skydiving over Hawaii or even skydiving over the Swiss Alps. The specially designed virtual reality helmet will transport you across the globe, making it hard to believe you’re in a virtual world and not the real thing. It takes your ifly Gold Coast experience to a whole new level and leave you wanting to come back for more!

Better yet, why not bring all your friends and family along to experience indoor skydiving together! RedBalloon offers a 10 flight package that you can share with all of them, between 2 to 5 people. This makes it the perfect school holiday or weekend activity or even a gift for a family to enjoy as an outing. Alternatively you can also use this 10 flight package for a team bonding experience. Get your colleagues together to enjoy an experience outside the office. It’s the perfect environment for establishing relationships, networking or even rewarding your employees.

How much does it cost to go indoor skydiving on the Gold Coast?

The great thing about the indoor skydiving Gold Coast price is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy the experience. Our packages start at just $69 for 2 flights and range to $419 for 10 flights to enjoy with family and friends. These indoor skydiving deals are perfect for families who are looking for something to do with kids that won’t break the bank. Throughout the year, RedBalloon often offers even better discounts on these experiences so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

How long do you get to fly?

The indoor skydiving Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast facility offers a range of different flight packages. However, on average each flight is the equivalent to free falling in a real life, outdoor skydive from 14,000 feet. Per flight, for 50 seconds – to around 1 minute you will be flying in the air. However please allow 1 hour and 45 minutes for the whole experience which includes a safety briefing, gearing up in your flight suit and flight time. Please also make sure you arrive 1 hour prior to your selected flight time.

Should indoor skydiving be on my bucket list?

If you’ve never tried indoor skydiving before it should definitely be on your bucket list, especially if you also haven’t conquered an outdoor skydive yet either. If you’ve ever wanted to know what flying feels like, this is the closest experience you can get. You will feel weightless, free and exhilarated at the floating sensation. It should be on your bucket list if you’re a kid, teen or adult because it is perfect for all those ages. You will experience the real sensation of flying, making a lot of peoples dreams come true. It’s the perfect experience for those who want to feel all the above but can’t quite master up the confidence to try it out in the real world. Better yet, it is a great practice run to get rid of any nerves before ticking off an outdoor skydive one day.

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